Friday, January 25, 2013

"Feature Friday-Healing Through Horses-Judy Schneider"

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Healing Through Horses
Healing Through Horses is a sanctuary of learning, growing, healing and loving. Located on a small ranch in Abiquiu New Mexico Judy Schneider LISW, offers programs dedicated to healing the human spirit through horses. Whether it be a family who is distraught due to their immense love and concern they have for their child, an adult who is at a crossroads and seeks a new path so they may live with abundance and integrity, or a teenager who is not sure what the fuss is all about and does not understand how each thought leads to a choice, which leads to the life they will create for themselves, all can find a new way at Healing Through Horses.

Understanding Eyes
Judy's trust in the healing power of the horse was formed at an early age. As a young girl she and a wonderful mare, Go-Go Girl would frolic the hills, fields and meadows together. Go-Go Girl taught Judy much about understanding one's self, communicating and loving life. Judy credit's Go-Go Girl with forging the very foundations of her life's held beliefs that horses can and will heal broken souls.

Founding Healing Through Horses, was a dream of Judy's ever since her days as a graduate student at Boston University studying to become a social worker. As a social worker she spent years counseling abused and neglected children, adoptees and their families, chronically mentally ill adults, poly-substance abusers, combat veterans and military families facing deployment, trauma and suicide. In addition, as a probation and parole officer she has worked with violent and sexual offenders. Today her dream, and Go-Go Girls teachings are a reality, and with the help of the healing spirit of horses, she is able to add a new dimension to healing and counseling.

Judy has developed a variety of programs, all centered around the healing powers of the horse's spirit. Equine Assisted Counseling, empowers children, teens adults, couples and families to overcome barriers to personal growth and development.

Judy & Madonna
Equine Assisted Coaching, strengthens those seeking to create more balance and experience new levels of personal achievement.

 Equine Retreats for Women, Offers women time for themselves to celebrate and rejuvenate their souls, connect with other like minded women and experience how horses can empower them to become the curator of their own life.

Judy also, through a collaborative effort with Horses For Heroes NM Cowboy Up! in Santa Fe, conducts an annual Woman’s Veterans Retreat, when free of charge, women Veterans can come experience the healing love of horses.

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Thank you Go-Go Girl for introducing Judy to your healing powers. And thank you, Judy for offering that healing to so many.

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Dutch Henry


  1. Thank you, Dutch, for sharing the magic of equines with so many! Your generosity of spirit is what it's all about. I eagerly seek your daily coffee clutch & feature Friday articles, for my "Dutch Henry fix"!
    Keep 'em coming ~ and THANK YOU!
    BTW ~ I am "Kitty Mack" on Facebook & just figured out how to post on this blog! lol

    1. THANKS Kitty!! It is our honor to have you in the Coffee Clutch! The power of goodness that horses can do is the magic that I strive to share.

  2. what a beatiful story and testimonial to the healing powers of horses! I have not known this amazing quality that horses had until I started working with them two years ago.. as my own need to heal past trauma and pain. Thank you for sharing. I wish every person could experience what I have..Linda Nedilsky

    1. So happy you found horses, Linda! They will continue to heal you. And thank you for all you do to help others heal & find the spirit of the horse.

  3. Thanks, Dutch, for telling us about Judy and her Healing Through Horses. What an amazing way to heal people with physical and/or mind problems.

    1. Patricia, it is a wonderful thing she and the horses do, and it's an honor to be allowed to share their story. Thank you for reading and caring!