Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Does Wind Sing?"

Howdy Folks,

Wind raced through the trees with a steady whir of a song. No birds in sight this morning. I told Kessy they were huddled somewhere, clinging to branches for their life. She craned her neck to look outside as if to check on them. Kessy is not a fan of loud wind. It seems most horses worry a lot when the wind sings. Lots of theories on that, but I think, just like us they find wind scary for reasons that need no, nor have any explanation. Loud wind is scary. Simple as that.

One hand holding my hat, Saturday, and I walked, sometimes pushed by the wind, scattering the morning's ration of chicken scratch just outside Kessy's fence. She likes to follow along with us on her side. I pretend it's because she likes our company, but the truth is she'd like that cracked corn. Only two roosters joined us, the rest sat along the barn wall, out of the wind, watching us as if to say, "You want us to do what? No, you feed us here, today." So I did.

Chores finished Saturday, Tigger, Miss Kitty and I joined Kessy for Coffee Clutch. We had to position our chair out of the way of the increasingly frequent gusts that raced through the forebay carrying sawdust, hay and a chicken or two with it. Really, one gust actually sent a chicken rolling and cackling along! But tucked back in the corner, Kessy the gang and I were out of harm's way. Pretty much.

I watched for birds to come to the scratch, and finally one brave Junco led the way. He was quickly followed by a few Doves and a Cardinal. Until the next blast roared through. The forecast calls for the high winds to bring an end to the spring like days we've enjoyed this week that had prompted a few of Ravishin' Robbie's Crocuses to bloom. Sure seems to be working real hard it. Gosh.

It was snug though in Kessy's bedroom with her munching hay, and my chair angled just right to watch the goings on outside. The wind sang through the trees, (does wind sing?) and every now and then gave one of those barn rattling, chicken rolling gusts. But once, during a lull, I heard the far away lonesome train whistle.

We hope you have a perfect day!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry


  1. Enjoyed the wind rustling through the trees yesterday when Maximus and I took a long trail ride through the hills, all alone, with no one to bother us. It was beautiful.

    1. Patti, isn't that a lovely thing to do with your horse? I ride alone almost all the time too. Isn't great to be you, your horse and nature? Riding with friends is great too, but alone with your horse, well, that's grand.

  2. Does the wind sing?

    I would say yes..

    I was asked to assist in Colorado in an Equine MFR class .. and was planning on repeating the class again anyway.

    I have never been great at traveling, and this trip was one that I really struggled with.

    I had just entered the world of animal communication, and was criticized by others who did not believe in AC work.
    As a few friends separated themselves from me, I realized I was in the middle of a path that was difficult to take.

    I struggled inside.. as I continued energy healing, AC work and MFR, I found more and more people would shun me.

    I had spent my life with walls around me.. so I would not be hurt. I finally accepted people back into my life and took the chance of being hurt, but as my spiritually deepened, my healing abilities increased, I found that people were disconnecting with me, not the other way around. I thought to myself, "is it worth the pain and possibility of being alone again to go through this?" Thoughts turned to turning back into my old self, the safe place I used to embrace.

    As I arrived at the airport in Boulder, I was so confused about my life. I did not want to be in Colorado, but agreed to help while taking the class. The ticket had been paid for, and it was a done deal.

    A few of us had the pleasure of staying at the main ranch which looked over the mountains.. it was a beautiful sight..

    As I walked into the class of 12.. I felt energy from different people. There were people who knew nothing about Equine MFR and then there was those who knew "everything" .. it was a very divided group of people. I felt the tug of war in the group and it was not joyful and peaceful to me at all! The very first day I decided that I would return to the main house instead of joining the group for lunch.

    I walked across the field and as I stepped up on the back porch I heard a very distant flute playing.. it was that of a Native American flute.. it was beautiful! I paused and that the wind? But it was very melodic.. surely the sound of the wind could not be that clear! As I walked closer to the large back door, I heard a second flute join it. It was a concert of notes that swirled around me.. I was taken back. I paused and the volume of the two flutes increased.

    I opened the door and stepped inside, removed my shoes and paused as the notes coming from the flutes were even louder, but this time was joined by a third flute that was not as pleasing to the ear. I visualized a small child that had just learned to play and wanted to jump in a join the other two musicians. I paused and listened carefully. Two windows were I stepped back outside and the sound was the same inside as it was outside. For a moment I thought, "I bet someone left the radio on, or TV." I ran through the house checking every space.. every room, and there was nothing.. but the concert continued. I sat at the large hand carved kitchen table not realizing that I only had an hour to have lunch.. the thought did not come to mind as I was pulled into this melodic but somewhat haunting sound of three flutes.

    I did not want to leave the music, it brought peace to my soul.. but I had to return to my class. I grabbed an apple, and regretfully left the quiet place that touched my heart.. and eased my mind.

    That evening as we all sat around the fireplace discussing the day.. I asked the group if they had heard the flutes playing at lunch that day. One young lady said that she had, it was so haunting to her that she was afraid and hung her crystal on the window ... no one else who had been in that house that day had heard the concert.

    Was it the wind? Or was a few spirits who had come to tell me that I am never alone in this world.

    Linda Nedilsky
    Manassas, VA

    1. Linda, what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!