Monday, December 10, 2012

"Weekend Fun & Christmas Adventures!!"

Howdy Folks, 

HAPPY MONDAY! … Boy howdy did Raviashin' Robbie and I have a jam packed weekend! We hope you all had a chance to squeeze in a thing or three you did just for fun, too. Of course all of us are busy getting ready for Christmas, or thinking about getting ready for Christmas, and our weekends, to some degree, revolve around that.

My weekend started Friday at Heartland Horse Heroes, which sadly was the final visit for the children in this session, but was exciting for me because I was a leader and got to be part of the sessions and it was kind of a cool way to say goodbye to the children.

Saturday, now that friends, was a jam packed day! … Started of course with our normal Coffee Clutch then off for the first of 4 adventures of the day. A visit to the Museum Of The Confederacy where Robbie and I learned how to make period Christmas tree ornaments.

Then on to what has become one of our annual Christmas events since moving to Appomattox, going to see the "Virginia Christmas Spectacular" at Thomas Road Baptist Church; the church founded by Jerry Falwell, who also founded Liberty University. Folks the show they put on is Broadway caliber and has become a must-see for Robbie and me. (And apparently for tens of thousands of others!) This year's spectacular was, "Yes Virginia, A Christmas Letter"

We hurried back to Appomattox, for the Christmas show at Appomattox Court House Theater."The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!" Ravishin' Robbie worked the box office and sold refreshments. I was scheduled to do what I do best, sit and watch the show ... Some say I'm good at starting the laughter and applause, too. By golly this show had a lot of that! What a fine job they did putting on the show! Over 20 children and folks I think they are all ready for the big time!

From the theater, Robbie and I scurried to Baines Books and Coffee for an evening of Christmas carols, and other fun music. It's always a great time there, but Saturday night was especially lively. Of course I was wearing down a little by then, but the group sings sure recharged my batteries! From the looks I got from Robbie a time or two, I think she would rather they didn't recharge quite so fully ….

Sunday we set out for Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, his retreat near Lynchburg in the later years of his life. Robbie and I decided this year we'd visit as many historical locations as we can to check out the Christmas decorations. We really enjoyed the tour and were quite impressed at the progress they've made in restoration. Our last visit there was 5 years ago. We plan on going to Monticello before Christmas, too.

Robbie had to get back for the Matinee at the Appomattox Courthouse Theater … Kessy and I hit the trail for an afternoon ride. We had a great ride, even though Kessy was quite full of herself and demanded a few runs through the trees. I wondered if she somehow had picked up on the pace Ravishin' Robbie had set for me this weekend!

I think I'll take a few days and recover before we set out again on Saturday. We hope all your Christmas adventures are coming together and you'll have as much fun as Robbie and me!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry

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