Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"What is writing to me?"

Howdy Folks,

Kessy, Saturday and me in the office.
I was recently asked "what is writing to me and why do I write?" … Writing, to me it's a journey. An adventure. A feeling. An emotion. Oh the words sometimes pour out! Other times they must be sought out, each word, syllable and cadence carefully chosen to paint the picture as we see it in our mind, so we may indeed take our readers on our adventure with us. For if our stories are important enough to tell, they should be well told.

Mark Twain
I'm always mindful of Mark Twain's now famous advice, "The difference between a good word and a perfect word is like the difference between lightning and lightning bug." 

Why do I write, I was asked. I'm not sure, I answered. Here on this blog and on facebook I write to visit with friends. I write to share pleasant thoughts, pictures and smiles. I write to share the peace, innocence and sweetness of our morning Coffee Clutch gathered in the barn with Kessy and the critters. I write to spread the word of good folks and noble horses doing all they can to help others. No matter the story, it is always my goal to tell it in a way that's uplifting. Sometimes it's tough to find the lightning bug words when the story is about lightning strong forces, but I search for them.
Sharing the love

When I write for magazines,  I write to celebrate what I call, "People and Horses Helping Horses and People." I write to tell the stories of efforts great and small by generous people and selfless horses who are changing lives. I write to help them help.

My novel, I wrote to celebrate an enduring love so powerful it forever changed the lives it touched. Because I know love is a most powerful force. I believe love is a magical potion when carefully mixed into any endeavor, plan or life, miracles can happen. I also wanted to celebrate the spirit of the horse and share with the world the magic that lives there too.

I suppose I write because through words I believe I might be able to gather enough lightning bugs to shine powerful lightning bolts on the greatness of love, happiness and the Spirit of the Horse. And good deeds done by so many whose only desire is to help. That's what writing is to me.

Gitty Up,

Dutch Henry

Honey and me taking notes


  1. I have always had this fear of success when I write. Not sure how I'd handle it, but would like to think it would not change me.

    That's some great insight to your life and trade, Dutch. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Fear of success, Odee? ... Go for it! You must have great stories to tell! ... Thanks for reading!

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