Friday, December 7, 2012

"FEATURE FRIDAY - Mark and Dusty - Ambassadors of Goodwill"

Howdy Folks,

Dusty is a Palomino. He's also an Ambassador of Goodwill traveling the country with his partner, Mark Peterson sharing smiles, fun and adventures with young and old alike. Dusty also signs autographs, hands out presents and teaches. Whether visiting children at Ronald McDonald Houses or guiding folks on adventure treks, or introducing folks to the world of animal communication, Dusty makes everyone feel happy and understood.

Mark is a lifelong horse and animal advocate. He'd been training horses, and other animals, for years when, 12 years ago, a friend suggested he have a look at a Palomino, Dusty, that was for sale. 

Mark bought Dusty and began working with him the way he had always done. One day a well known trainer was watching Mark and Dusty together and told Mark what they were doing wasn't normal. Mark was a little surprised in that he was doing what he'd always done, but he'd noticed too, a unique spark in Dusty. A kind of openness and desire to make folks feel better.

Among the things that Mark teaches is how to better communicate with your horse, and Dusty picked up on that in a hurry. Soon Mark and Dusty began to travel to not only educate, but to spread joy and smiles. The more they traveled the more Mark noticed the change that came over children when around Dusty. "There is nothing like the feeling you get when you watch a child burst into laughter when Dusty reaches into a pile of stuffed toys to hand them out," Mark said.

Mark and Dusty also conduct training courses for trail riders and search and rescue outfits, helping to put in place safe and effective techniques, or establish new teams who are ready to assist or direct searches for lost folks and animals. Yes, animals get lost too and many times Dusty and Mark have been called upon to lead searches to find everything from lost dogs to locating wildlife for film producers. The skills and techniques Mark and Dusty demonstrate help them do their jobs easier and safer for the victims.

Mark's talents as a teacher to help folks better communicate with and understand their horses, and Dusty's willingness and desire to spread goodwill, love and smiles make them perfect for our Feature Friday here at Coffee Clutch. Check out all the wonderful things they do on their website

Gitty Up

Dutch Henry


  1. My horse teaches me things almost daily. His sweet gentle nature always lifts me up when I`m down. He shares my joys and my tears. He`s my best friend,..... next to my husband, who travels a lot.

    1. Anonn, I agree, horses and their Spirit can fill our hearts and help us fly!