Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Topsy-Turvy Weather

Howdy Folks,

The past few days have been extraordinarily warm even for Appomattox, VA. Daytime highs in the 70's nighttime temps in the 50's. They say below normal temps are on the way, that would fit in with the topsy-turvy weather we've been having this year.

Sitting next to Kessy, sipping my Folgers, as she munched her hay I watched the chickens peck and scratch at their cracked corn.

This morning, as like the past few warm mornings, the chickens were joined by Juncos, Cardinals and Doves. The warm weather seems to have awakened the squirrels too who had been absent during the insulated coverall required cold snap of just a week ago. Those coveralls hang at the ready on their peg by the back door. I even mentioned to them this morning, as I selected only my hat and vest, they'll be back on duty before the week is out.

In Ravishin' Robbie's gardens the Irises have started to sprout! At the chicken feeding stations the barley, which is part of the mix, has also sprouted! Some say the bursting forth of new growth in the spring is brought on by the longer hours of daylight. I've always wondered about that, and I'm pretty sure the days are nearly as short as they'll be this year with the shortest day of the year charted to be in just 2 weeks. It appears to me, in this silly weather year, the warm days and nights have triggered, something. Even the roosters have begun to act like … roosters. Much to the hens' dismay as they dart and scurry to escape their advances.

Kessy's winter coat is beautiful in its shining glory, but she's not able to hang it on a peg by the door until the temps dip again and she sweats just standing around. Did you know that a horse uses energy to cool from 38 degrees and above? No wonder she's sweating!

There's an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying about the weather, "If you wait long enough it'll change." So I suppose change is on the way. Stay tuned a few days for my musings about the freezing cold morning "Coffee With Kessy" where I'm all bundled up in those coveralls, scarf and gloves!

Gitty Up,
Dutch Henry

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