Monday, October 29, 2012

Simmering Soup

The worst of Sandy will likely skirt around us here in Appomattox VA, but still we have a cold a blustery day or two ahead of us. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who'll have a rougher ride than us ahead them …

Coffee With Kessy and the critters was a full house this morning. In times of nasty weather I like to pen Kessy in her stall, of course there's no door, just a strand of white tape stretched across the doorway, but the inside, behind the tape, it gets nice and cozy. I had hung the, "tape door" last night when I tucked her in with her night-night apple. It wasn't really raining yet, but a heavy mist had her wet, and the wind had started to pick up, and it just felt like she'd have a more comfortable night inside. So when I moseyed out this morning with my thermos of hot Folgers, she greeted me with a happy, hurry-up, nicker.

The chickens had all beaten me to the barn, too. Well, I was a half hour late ... Tigger and Miss Kitty, Saturday, too were all snuggled in with Kessy. The chilly damp air seemed blocked by the tape, falling from my back like a discarded wet rag, as I stepped into Kessy's bedroom.

Saturday began to bounce, wiggle and howl, doing his fine rendition of, "I'll dance for my breakfast," Kessy followed my every step as I fed Saturday, scattered the chicken scratch at the, "inside the barn feeding stations" (I have a few tucked away spots so they can peck away out of the weather on bad days)  and filled her haybag. Then settled into my chair, which today I moved back in the corner out of the wind, and steaming coffee in hand, just took in the peacefulness of all of us snuggled together, out of the weather.

The wind seemed determined to reach inside, but the way I'd built the barn only allows, even the most tenacious fingers of cold and wet, to get more than a few feet inside, leaving plenty of space for everybody to snuggle. The bird feeders were busy this morning too, Cardinals, Nuthatches, Titmice and a Chickadee, too swooped in, feathers ruffled, to fuel up for the day.

After a nice morning Coffee Clutch I headed back to the house where, as I opened the door, I was greeted by the delightful smell of a pot of simmering vegetable soup. It's Ravishin' Robbie's custom to fire up a big ol' pot of soup on bad weather days. Ah, what a wonderful way to turn a damp windy day, or snowy blowy day, into a delightful, "snug as a bug in a rug" day ... Simmering Soup!

Be safe and God Bless!


  1. So glad the storm will miss you Dutch. The rest of the folks are in my prayers.

  2. Ummmm I can smell it too... Enjoy!