Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hungry Birds

This morning's serenity and beauty actually started with last night's sky. As I made my way to the barn with Kessy's night-night apple my path was lighted in silver by a moon nearly full, and more dazzling than an exploding rocket. The stars too shimmered and shined with such gusto and brilliance it was as if the long arms of Sandy had indeed reached into the heavens to scrub and polish the space dust from each of them allowing their lights to flaunt and amaze. For a moment I stood, my arm draped over Kessy's back and admired the night sky.

The past three mornings our Coffee Clutch was a bit windy, cold and soggy so today's stillness was welcomed by all parties. From somewhere though, clouds had rolled in to drape the morning sky with a dull gray that held the sounds close to the ground. As I poured my first cup the distant train whistle blew and its rumbling of giant wheels drifted into our snug barn. Hadn't heard the train for a few days, so I welcomed its tune.

The Juncos, whose numbers have really increased, hopped and pecked right alongside the chickens. If you want a chuckle, picture a tiny gray-black Junco busily pecking the cracked corn, shoulder to shoulder with a giant Guinea chicken.

The birds must have built up a good appetite these past few rainy days, as soon there were Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches and about a dozen Doves all darting and dashing in and out to snare a kernel or three. Even when a roster would decide it had had enough of the wild birds and chase them, cackling and squawking, they flew but a few feet to light on brushy branches. Then one by one they'd sneak back to the feast. When the chickens had their fill they lined up on the fallen log, which serves as a sort of backdrop, to preen and strut leaving the corn wide open for the wild birds, who took advantage and immediately their numbers tripled!  

Kessy, Saturday and I enjoyed the show a while longer. Well actually, Saturday snored at my feet, Tigger curled tight on my lap, and Kessy tugged at her hay … But I took in all the feathered hijinks with a few chuckles.

Have a fun day and God Bless!


  1. The dogs woke me up around midnight and I let them out the back. I could see my whole pasture from the moon light. I walked out onto the deck and the moon was spectacular to behold:). Tonight it's supposed to be full, right? Hope you have a fantastic day Dutch.

  2. Kathryn, don't you just LOVE a beautiful night sky:)