Friday, October 26, 2012


Unexpected hard times befall us all, injuries, disasters and in these tough economic times, job loss. Folks are left with really tough decisions to make. With families to feed, doctor bills and mortgages, the expense of caring for a horse may just be too much when unforeseen trouble knocks on the door. Often in times like these friendships and partnerships built over years are forced to be ended for the want of a little help to get over a rough patch. It is a horrible thing to let go of a trusted friend, but it is even more horrible to not be able to properly care for them. Hearts break, tears flow, lives change, for the person and the horse. A few good folks in NH understood this and created Becky's Gift to lend a helping hand and keep friends together. And horses in their loving homes.

Becky's Gifts Equine Relief was founded in 2009 to provide short-term assistance to NH horses. In the past three years, feed, vet, and farrier service has been provided to more than 300 horses. This organization was created in memory of Becky Lang, a young woman with a love for horses and a concern for their welfare. Becky's Gift, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), is 100% volunteer based and 100% of the monies raised flow right through going out to help the horses. Check them out at .

In times of financial strain it is too often the animals that suffer. How many stories have we all heard about horses' suffering, starving, sick or abandon? Becky's Gift's mission is to provide assistance during a horse owners time of need and prevent the needless suffering brought on from lack of grain, hay, and essential care such as worming, vaccinations, and farrier services.

Our fried Heather Tower, now a board member, told me about Becky's Gift. A few years ago she found herself in a situation and Becky' Gifts came to the rescue. Here is what Heather had to say. "Sometimes in life unforeseen things happen and your left standing there trying to pick up the pieces and have no clue how to hold it together. When it comes to owning a home and having horses and something big or a whole bunch of somethings happen you worry about feeding and caring for your horses and getting things covered and getting back on your feet. I was going through this 3 years ago and I was told of a group Becky's Gift. I had to bite my pride and I emailed them, I needed help with hay and farrier, I was blown away when in a few days Pam and her husband were standing in my driveway with grain and hay, wormers and the offer to have help with the farrier. I was so thankful all I could do is cry and thank them profusely. They helped so much I was able to get on my feet again. I was so thankful I then helped them when and where I could, I helped with fundraisers, driving hay ect to pay it forward to help others like the way I was helped.. After a year of helping I was once again floored by the hardworking board of directors when I was asked to join the board. What an honor to be asked I gladly accepted and have been helping in any way I can ever since. I like to be able to let people know I was in their shoes and I totally "get it". I love that Beckys gift is 100% volunteer based and 100% of money raised goes 100% back into horses whose owners are struggling"

I think Heather's words tell their story beautifully. Thank you Becky's Gift for being there to help!


  1. You know Dutch, I have been thinking about the message in your piece, help those in need. Many people don't have the opportunity to give back as you did which was wonderful. I was driving around the area where I live that has been known for many years as "Horse Country." I was saddened by the numerous farms closed, overrun empty pastures where majestic creatures once galloped across the fields. I kept thinking......where are they? I hope they are okay. What about the owners......what happened to them? My heart breaks for those that lost their horses because of the economy or any other reason. I came home and went to the barn and I hugged and kissed each precious nose and gave thanks to God for the means to keep my girls:). Hope you have a great weekend Dutch!!


  2. Kathryn, We do need to help all we can ... The horses, dogs, cats ... and children too, cannot make their own choices so we are charged with being there for them. To love and care for them.