Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sleepy Morning

So sleepy was the morning that even the sun hung low beneath the tree tops. Not a bird sang, and even the roosters crowed with less vigor than normal. Spider webs laden with morning dew gave the lawn the look of a patchwork quilt. Saturday was slow crawling from his glider on the porch to gather with Tigger, Miss Kitty and I for Coffee with Kessy, who laid stretched out on her side, snoring. Now I must admit I was 15 minutes early, but come on folks, it's time to get with it. Don't they know it's Friday? Holy Cow!

Ravishin', Robbie and I are off for a day in Charlottesville today, and we gotta hit the road, but I've added a new twist to feeding Kessy, at least for a while. We take her grain and feed tub up to the trailer and my coffee too, and she must come in to eat. Which she does after a few moments of protest. We are making a little progress there, but it'll be a while yet.

Tomorrow too we'll be on the road bright and early, heading to Fincastle for a Diane J. Sept clinic at Marianne Kephart Jolley's … Can't wait to see everybody!

HAPPY FRIDAY everybody and have a fun weekend!

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