Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mustang Monument

My story of Madeleine Pickens and Mustang Monument is in the August issue of Trail Blazer on page 72. Madeleine has long been known as an animal advocate. After hurricane Katrina she chartered commercial airliners from New Orleans to California specifically for the abandoned dogs and cats of the storm. They called this mission, "Orphans of the Storm." Later many of these were returned to their rightful masters.

It was through her work saving animals and speaking out for them, that she found out about the horse slaughter industry. She was amazed and disheartened that, as involved as she was in the horse racing community, it took her so long to discover the fact that such a thing existed in this country. She and her husband became actively involved in helping to put an end to horse slaughter in the United States. It was about that time that she became aware of the capture and removal of the American Mustang. She was just as surprised and dismayed that she had not known of their battle to survive.

My story tells of Madeleine's plans, personal investments of over 12 million dollars, and 5 year determined struggle to create a sanctuary for some of America's Mustangs now standing lost in hateful BLM holding pens. One big question torments her, "How did we reach the point that the noble Mustang is considered a feral nuisance that must be removed?"

To read my story if you are not a subscriber to Trail Blazer please follow this link, then page to Page 72. Please read their story …. And as you page through the beautiful award winning magazine, please consider subscribing.

Thank you Trail Blazer for allowing me this platform in your beautiful magazine to tell the stories of "People & Horses Helping Horses & People." Thank you Bobbie Jo Lieberman for being such a wonderful editor and friend! ...

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