Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Afternoon friends!! … Sorry I'm late today, but I had an important appointment this morning. I needed to leave just after Coffee Clutch, which was a perfectly cozy clutch today. The chickens scampering about scratching here and there, well after they woke up, Tigger purring on my lap, Saturday stretched out alongside my chair, and Kessy munching her soft hay.

The woods this morning were full of bird song. I think they were loving the crisp cool morning after yesterday's heavy rains. Seemed everyone wanted to be part of the tree top choir today. Several Cardinals were lead singers while Chipping Sparrows, a Towhee, a few Phoebes, Chickadees and an Ovenbird sang backup. Beautiful music to sip coffee in the barn to. But we had to depart before the final act.

The grass was still wet and cold as hooked up Kessy's trailer. Today was the day I was finally getting it inspected. YeeHa! It's a sturdy 2 horse, built in '86, and in great shape, needed inspection and a thorough going over as it had sat a while before I got it. We were scheduled to get it road worthy last month, but Kessy's Lyme treatment used up our budget!

I'm happy to report all repairs came in on budget. Needed brake work, a little wiring and bearings repacked, 2 of which needed replaced. Floor great, spring shackles all sound, and of course all the lights work now .. I've always been an advocate of having horse trailer bearings repacked once a year. Even the newer trailers. But happily we are ready to roll! Almost. Still need to replace the tires, while they have plenty of tread, they are very old and not safe for any kind of distance. But we can do short easy trips, and now we can get back to Kessy's trailer loading and traveling education. I had told her all about it at coffee this morning. I'm not sure she cared or not?

Kessy and I are headed out to play with her trailer a bit, loading and unloading, and perhaps even take a short ride. It's a beautiful afternoon here today, and we'll have a lot of fun with it!

Have a great evening!

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