Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"It’s for the Horses," now available!

Howdy Friends,
Well by golly It’s for the Horses, An advocate’s musings about their needs, gifts, spirit and care is finally released and available here on Amazon ... Or you can email me to order an autographed copy (by Kessy and me).

With this book I hope to help horses and their people everywhere realize the most wonderful partnerships possible. Spirituality, communication, understanding, nutrition, health care, horsemanship, exercises, foot care are a few of the important subjects discussed in “It’s for the Horses.” No matter your discipline, I promise every horse owner or caregiver will find more than a few things of interest in this book.

Here is what Bobbie Jo Lieberman—Editor-in-Chief, trailBLAZER magazine had to say. “Dutch Henry is on a mission to help people see their horses with new eyes, to listen with new ears, to touch their lives with greater sensitivity and awareness. It has often been said that our horses are our greatest teachers. Dutch Henry, who has opened his heart, mind and soul to the horse, is living proof of that statement. Enjoy the learning as we join Dutch on a remarkable journey.”

And Yvonne Welz—Owner/founder “The Horse’s Hoof Magazine” said, “I received a free review copy of this book, and it was an absolute pleasure to read. Dutch's genuine and compassionate love for horses shines through every single page. Written in such a conversational, friendly tone, his stories will keep any reader entertained, yet here is a wealth of practical, useful information and how-to advice for all horse owners. The major theme of this book is seeing things from the horse's point of view, which expands into his practical advice for more natural methods of horse care and overall good horsemanship. One of my favorite parts of this book is the section on groundwork, stretches, and pre-ride exercises - simple, useful techniques that you can put into practice immediately, for the benefit of your horse. Just about every horse topic you can think of is touched upon here: communicating with your horse, understanding the horse's nature, building trust, diet, barefoot hoof care, natural dentistry, teaching manners, gaited horses, saddle fit, the spirit and emotions of the equine and so much more.”

You can order on Amazon here. I promise it will help you to hear, and bond with, your horse on a level you may have not even imagined.
Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

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