Friday, April 24, 2015

A few Tidbits of Happy News

Howdy Friends! 

Kessy and I had a great meeting this morning at Coffee Clutch, and with her guidance I have a few fun and exciting announcements. Of course we’ve already spoken about launching our newsletter and you can sign up here, .
Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with a mother of a troubled teen. She’d read “We’ll Have The Summer,” and explained her daughter had issues similar to Barbara, and she simply wanted to talk with me. She’d sent me an email months ago, I’d given her my phone number. She called yesterday. We talked through our tears for over an hour.

I’ve enjoyed countless hours of phone calls with horse owners and caregivers discussing many things about their horses, relationships care and love.

My experience in my youth, and understanding taught me by horses, has shaped my thinking on patience, understanding, compassion, trust, perseverance and love. This morning I’ve decided to begin to offer my availability as a motivational speaker, at events, private meetings and other venues.

I’ll be starting a new Facebook page, title not yet determined, but Dutch Henry Author, Horse Advocate, Motivational Speaker, or something like that. It will not focus on any one thing, rather all the things we already chat about, and it will be easy to follow, as Facebook prefers business pages it seems.

More news to follow ... Thank you all for friendship!

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

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