Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tom Named By Horse - Coming Soon -

Howdy Friends! ~ ... Tom let the horses stand where they were and ran into Red Cloud’s lodge. He found Buffalo Horn sitting with a weeping woman by a crushed and smoldering lodge. With no words, Tom handed him the scalp of the buffalo hunter. They allowed their eyes to meet, and while Tom could not understand what had happened in the village, he knew Buffalo Horn considered him a friend.

Tom walked, shrouded in worry and sadness, back to the horses, yanked the saddles and led them to the field where Sioux ponies grazed. He went in search of Soft Cloud. It was Soft Cloud who found Tom. ‘‘I need you to come to my mother’s lodge.’’... EXCERPT from Tom Named By Horse coming soon ~ I’ll keep you posted...Gitty Up, Dutch

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