Monday, February 2, 2015

"Edie Booth’s Tribute To Her Horse"

Howdy Friends,
Last week my friend Christine Cooper shared with me the tribute a friend of hers wrote of her horse. I was touched and thought I’d share with our Coffee Clutch friends. Our horses become more than partners, they become part of us. They make us better ... The author, owner, is Edie Booth of Antique Arabian Stud in Canton, TX, who along with her family has quite a legacy breeding desert bred Arabians. Her horse has achieved Legion of Supreme Honor in endurance from the Arabian Horse Association—Her fist sentence is what immediately grabbed my heart. ~ Gitty Up, Dutch

She was not my horse, but she let me ride, she loaned me her ability to fly... I was not smart enough or quick enough to do those mountain rides, much less if I were on my own with my two puny appendages called legs, which pale in comparison with the real legs... the legs of the conditioned superior equine athlete. She never thought much of me, but she took care of me. Perhaps my only importance to her was that I was her human's mother, and she was obliged to look after me with utmost care. At any rate she did that with only the slightest disdain for my mistakes... she almost always knew better

I knew how reliable she was, I knew her bit of arrogance, moving to the side to stride past the others who were turning the rough rocky uphill trail into baby steps of drudgery. She was so disgusted. (And they were so impressed.)

She was always responsible for any farm horse along for the ride, and sometimes had to shove youngsters into a creek bed or up a hill. She was responsible for all of us.
She was bold and courageous, but I never knew quite how fast until the end of the 50 at the Alamo ride. I had not asked her to run before, and when I did in that last 3 or so miles, it was unbelievable. I can feel it now. Me above that deep heart girth reaching, reaching so powerful. So strong. Fear gripped me when I saw ahead a couple on the dirt road who had come out to take pictures... not fear that she would hit them, but that they would cause her to leave the trail into the brush. I screamed, "Get off the road, Get off the road!" and they did in time and I have that fleeting vision of their faces frozen in astonishment for that brief moment, mouths agape, as we thundered past. So strong, and so courageous.... she would not have left her course. What an incredible privilege.

She was a 3000+ mile AERC mare, a war mare, descendent of only original Bedouin horses. Fly on AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/, may you rest in peace. You were our queen.
Eddie and AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/ followed by her son Thomas Booth on AAS AL SAKB+/  who is the son of AAS FAHD ALWALIDA+/

The "+/" behind her horses names is a Legion of Supreme Honor award that both the mare and her son achieved in endurance. 

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