Friday, August 1, 2014

"Natural Horse Magazine-Feature Friday"

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Natural Horse Magazine is one of the finest, if not the finest magazine available to equine enthusiasts who endeavor to care for their horses, naturally. A quarterly publication, both on line and in print, each issue is packed with valuable information, resources, contacts and knowledge, and pages graced with stunning photographs. Each issue is a journal on equine wellness, and should be kept for future reference. In the manner of full disclosure, I have a column in Natural Horse Magazine, "Holistic Hall of Fame."
Natural Horse Magazine was founded by Randi & Gene Peters in January 1999 as a result of the holistic rehabilitation of one of their mares. Prior to this rehab, the mare had developed several problems, one of which was a severe reaction to fly bites that traditional treatment could not cure. After attending an holistic veterinarian's seminar on herbs and homeopathy, his examination of the mare's real problem (immune system derangement from over-vaccinating), was revealed and through homeopathy, her health was restored. It became Randi and Gene's vision to offer an educational resource on holistic horse care and Natural Horse Magazine was created.

On Auguest1st, 2012 Randi and Gene Peters, co-founders of Natural Horse Magazine, handed its reins to one of the industry's most recognized holistic equine experts, Lisa Ross-Williams. Lisa is not new to the world of educating people about the advantages of caring for their horses in a natural manner she hosted a radio show on the topic for a number of years, was an editor of Equine Wellness Magazine, has been the Associate Editor for Natural Horse Magazine for a number of years, owns the successful Equi-Spirit Toys Company, and is the author of the bestselling book, "Down-to-Earth Natural Horse Care," which I reviewed HERE, and recommend every equine caregiver have as resource.

"Our focus is on humane and natural alternatives to today's traditional means of horse care, including topics in alternative and complementary medicines and therapies as well as wholesome nutrition, cooperative training, natural care and maintenance of the horse and his environment, book and video reviews, special events, a youth section, and more," Lisa explains. "We are proud to be working with many prominent, naturally-inclined equine professionals who share our goal of educating horse lovers about natural ways FOR the horse."

In today's busy, busy world many of us simply don't have the time to read magazines. Friends, I highly suggest you subscribe to Natural Horse Magazine, read and explore the articles. Your horse will thank you.

Have a look at their web site HERE    And their Facebook page HERE

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry 

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  1. Dutch, thanks so much for featuring Natural Horse Magazine!! Our team is very proud of the impact we're making to improve the lives of horses.