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"Feature Friday- book review - Down-To-Earth NATURAL HORSE CARE by Lisa Ross-Williams"

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Lisa Ross-Williams will tell you she was born "horse crazy."As a young girl, her first horses were beautiful Breyer Horses who galloped happily around her bedroom amid walls papered with posters and pictures of horses of every size, breed and color. She was 10 when her first real life horse entered her life; Liza was a 10 year old Arabian mare. For 6 years they shared a wonderful life together and Liza taught Lisa much about the spirit of the horse. Later in life another Arabian came to her, his name was Rebel. He came with a few issues that sent Lisa on a search to find better answers than the seemingly conventional ways of feeding, caring for, and housing. Nothing she was seeing seemed "Natural" to the horse for Lisa. Rebel's needs and benefits charted Lisa's path on a lifelong pursuit of seeking the truly "Natural" way.

Along the way many other horses continued to be Lisa's teachers. As she and her husband continued to learn they realized they needed to share that information. To that end they formed their company "If Your Horse Could Talk"  in 1998, and began a highly respected radio show.
Lisa on the air
As more and more important information about the "Natural" needs of horses began to come together Lisa eagerly shared what she learned, and still needed to do more. It made sense to her, and many friends had encouraged her, to put what she learned in a book. So she set out to assemble over 10 years of research, contacts and information in one book. In 2011 she published, Down-To-Earth NATURAL HORSE CARE, an easy to understand and fun to read book.
The title is perfect and describes exactly what you'll find between the covers – "Down to earth, Natural horse care."  Within those covers lies a wealth of realistic and helpful, easy to understand information on caring for your horse, or horses, naturally.

Everything from housing, to hoof care, feeding and nutrition, and more, is expertly detailed. And yet in such a way that it is easy to understand. Everything you need to know to change, implement or improve upon your current horse care practices is right there. Plus Lisa explains why the natural way is so very beneficial to all horses. And she points out in most cases you'll save time and money.

The book walks you through a journey of understanding starting with "A Natural Way of Living" giving easy, affordable and fun ways to create a natural paradise for your horse. "Equine Health" delivers tips on everything from dentistry, to truly natural feeding, things to do, and avoid. "Natural Hoof Care" explains how it's much more than, "just a trim."  "Natural Horsemanship," is a piece of the "Whole Horse Puzzle." In the segment "Myths and Facts" Lisa clears up many misconceptions.

There is a wonderful "Resource Guide" included that will be at your fingertips to help you find many more answers and helpful contacts.

This book puts it all together, how we might care for our horses in way that makes sense, "Naturally." It is a valuable resource for novice and seasoned horse owners alike, and I highly recommend it to everyone. 
Lisa & Kenny's equine family- from left- Rebel, Simon, Bam Bam, Riley, Smokie, Elvis, Trooper & Cooper
Thank you Rebel, for helping Lisa begin her journey.

I often use my own little quote, "It's for the horse." And while Lisa wrote this book for humans, the guidelines and information in it are truly, "For the horse."

You can purchase Lisa's book here - 

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  1. Love the book review, thanks! I'll be adding this one to my (long) Amazon Wish List.