Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"They Taught Me Patience"

Howdy Folks,

"They taught me patience." That's what about thirty percent of the respondents answered to this month's TrailBlazer magazine's Facebook question, "How have horses changed your life and made you a better person?"
Kessy and me sharing a quiet moment
While there were many diverse and touching answers folks shared to that question, a few brought tears to my eyes, "They taught me patience," was the overwhelming number one response. If we add to that number the folks who said things like, their horses taught them to look inside themselves, take time to enjoy the day, and slow down to understand, that number would rise considerably.

It is interesting to note so many could learn that simple and very important life lesson from their horses. But it tells us more. It tells us what high quality of teachers horses truly are. By their nature horses are patient, ever willing to endure our impatience until we learn to slow down and hear them. Then they are there for us, ready to guide us into the realm of simple understanding.

Patience and horses – to some those two can't go together. Especially today in our every busy, impatient world. To those folks I'd like to suggest, give it a try. Expect nothing except that you allow your horse to move into your spirit, touch your heart and guide you to a place where you can truly see the world's magnificence, and the beauty and wisdom of your teacher. When we find true patience, harmony, things are accomplished in less time. And to a higher refinement.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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