Friday, June 13, 2014

"Feature Friday – Mustang Meg"

Howdy Folks,

Sonya Spaziani aka "Mustang Meg" is devoted to supporting, defending and protecting our wild horses and burros by publishing news and photos documenting the current assault of the BLM on our mustangs and burros. It is her mission to collect, document and research information regarding the brutal mishandling by our government of our noble wild horses and burros, and share that information with others who seek to protect and defend our wild horses. You can find her easily on her Facebook page – "MustangMeg," where she shares mountains of information and photos.
"Wild horse and burro advocacy has become the greatest "grassroots" effort in history, and since the government in DC has proven it is less then concerned with our wild horses entrusted in their care, this union of wild horse enthusiasts and concerned citizens band together to remind lawmakers the importance of wild horses to the people. It is my mission to support all who join in this effort."~ Mustang Meg.
She has also created, and with the help of other photographers and artists assembled, a series of breathtakingly beautiful photographs and artworks available for purchase at "A percentage of the proceeds benefit a wild horse program working hard to preserve our wild horses in the natural ranges of our western high desert. The Cloud Foundation, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Return to Freedom work tirelessly through various means to preserve our wild horses, and help to keep them managed appropriately in the wild. Donations are allocated to organizations with greatest need on behalf of the wild horses and burros. You may also request a preference." ~ Mustang Meg.

"Besides the natural lure of the wild horses, I am on this mission to 'protect to preserve' our wild horses and burros full force since I discovered an amendment to their protected Federal status.  With the insult of the sneaky rider/bill introduced by Montana Senator, Conrad Burns in 2004, slipped in the appropriations bill, during the major holidays and without public knowledge or review, single-handedly and with the swift motion of a pen, deteriorated wild horse and burro protection given in 1971 known as the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. This tragic amendment was signed by President George W. Bush on December 6, removing most protection for our wild horses and burros, where a majority can be sold/ auctioned/ processed "without limitation". ~ Mustang Meg.
The efforts of Mustang Meg, and folks like her may yet save our wild horses, but the outlook is dim. Please join the struggle.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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