Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Horse Communication"

Howdy Folks,
Horse communication. There are a lot of folks who truly understand it. There are a lot of folks who wish they did. There are plenty of folks who disregard it, even consider those who believe in communicating with horses, or any animal, silly, or worse.
Kessy and me sharing thoughts
The first step to communicating with your horse, is simply to believe. Believe it is possible, and believe what you hear. As children we were all deeper in tune to receiving voices from animals, and our intuition, but as we grow and are encouraged to disregard those thoughts as foolishness, some of us follow that wrongheaded advice. Others question it, and some, like me, found that animals are the most honest friends of all. And continued to listen.

One of the most common objections I've heard over the years is, "If you can talk to your horse, why can't you make her, 'do whatever.'" … My standard reply is, "You can talk to your spouse, child, friend, why don't you always see eye to eye?"

One big reason I keep promoting what I call my, "Therapy For Therapy Horses," exercises, and all that Peggy Cummings and Linda Tellington-Jones teach is by doing those exercises you will learn to hear your horse, as you wait, watch and listen for your horses release, and response.

Horse communication is not about, "getting your horse to do something." When approached with a selfish or demanding type attitude, desire, or intent, you'll simply get static.

Communication is about hearing what is important to the horse, so you can love more deeply, help more richly and understand more fully. That's it. It's that simple, and anyone can do it. In fact, even an inflexible non-believer is communicating with their horse. But sadly, those individuals are broadcasting, they don't care, so why would their horse talk to them?

Horse communication is all about listening, trusting and believing. Start by simply believing the thoughts you feel. Doubt builds walls. Believing builds conduits. Will you always get it right? Nope. But then again, do you always understand people? I reckon not. However, by accepting what you hear and feel, your intuition will strengthen. The thoughts, feelings and pictures will become more and more clear. It takes practice, as does learning any new language or skill. If someone wants to learn to play the guitar, they won't get very far without practice.

Back to the therapy exercises. Begin by doing them, and listening. You'll be amazed at what you hear. Your horse will guide your hands, really. Listen for the instruction. I like to suggest this, because it combines physical exercises and mental exercises. Add to this, the thought of listening to your horse in everything you do together, riding, groundwork, feeding, whatever. As you interact allow your mind to wonder into your horse's thoughts. Hear what is important to your horse. The louder you listen, the louder they'll talk. Set aside your wants, and listen.

Another nifty exercise to increase your hearing is simply sitting with your horse, and asking what is important to her. As you hear/feel what she is saying, see the picture. Let the scene build; softly focus on the center of the picture. Trust it, see where it takes you. This one is fun, it only requires you allow the time for the scene to build. Be patient.

Trust in yourself, believe, and continue to learn. How far will it go? It's different for everyone. It's also wonderful for everyone. Kessy and I encourage you to explore horse communication. It'll change your life.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. This is just what i needed today thank you. I have had my guy for about 9 months, its taken me some time to be able to ride. He now will only comes to me when it is feeding time. He doe not being in his stall. When i do managw to get him in i can take off halter for the night then put it on in the morning lead him to the pole tie, brush & clean feet. Than with lead in hand i can take to round pin to wirk out. If he does not go into stall i am unable to do anything then i get so frustrated. Thata when i say ok maybe tomorrow and walk away. Now i have a mare and he is so quick to be first that as soon as he sees me he will start walking over all though she tends to stay back. So it is refreshing to to know i am not crazy when i say i know what he is thinking :-)

    1. That's great, Teresa! - Yes our horses do tell us what is on their minds, we just need to trust what we hear. Thanks for loving your horses ... And thanks for reading our Coffee Clutch!