Friday, March 14, 2014

"Feature Friday – Dr Joseph Thomas, Ph.D– Chinese Herbalist - For Love Of The Horse"

Howdy Folks,
Last week I had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Dr Thomas for my "Holistic Hall Of Fame" column in Natural Horse Magazine. In speaking with him it was easy to feel his deep compassion, really a driving desire, to help horses, and their people. I wrote the story about his life's journey to become a most noted authority on Chinese herbalism in the equine world. Having studied and apprenticed for years under masters such as Dr. Leon Hammer MD, regarded by many as the father of Contemporary Chinese Medicine. Dr Hammer had in turn studied under Dr John H.F. Shen, considered to be the world's foremost expert in both diagnostic and Chinese herbalism.
Dr Thomas
Where his life's journey led him was to eventually, with the help of his wife Crystal and their daughter Allison, create For Love Of The Horse website; a Chinese Herbal healing and health enriching place for horses. Dr Thomas has, and continues to do more than any other individual, to bring the power of Chinese Herbalism to the equine world.

On their website you will find 26 premixed solutions, their famous, "Horse health support service questionnaire," and "Dr Thomas' custom formulations protocol." Dr Thomas can create specific solutions for any horse after detailed examinations by way of questionnaires and if necessary, blood work. They have succeeded in making a healing place as close as your keyboard.

Also there to support your horse's health, answer your questions and guide you along your own journey to understanding Chinese herbalism is the For Love Of The Horse, horse wellness team; Melissa, Shelley, Leah and Amy.

Chinese herbalism, Dr Thomas explains, is not just about understanding herbs and their usage, but also understanding how each of the herbs in a given treatment interact with each other. And how each herb interacts to support the body in the healing process. The benefit of each herb must be weighed and understood singularly and collectively. Each situation and treatment is unique and must be carefully orchestrated to match the patient and situation, illness and condition.

But how did Dr Thomas come to create this healing place so ready to help so many?

Excerpt from my story, "Two veterinarians had been to the farm to inspect Jesse Doe, Crystal's beloved mare. They had both decided the only course of action for the foundered horse was euthanasia. They were both escorted off the farm. Crystal turned to her husband. "You save her," she pleaded. "You've been saving people with horrible diseases for twenty years. Please use everything you've learned to save my Jesse Doe." That moment changed everything. For Jessie Doe, Crystal, Dr Thomas and people and horses everywhere."

We hope you'll watch for my story in the Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Natural Horse Magazine. There is a lot to the man who heals horses with herbs, and I'd like you to read his story.

It is important to Dr Thomas that folks understand he is there to help and they should not hesitate to contact him at customer service with their questions, concerns and dreams. For Dr Thomas and everyone at For Love Of The Horse the motto is, "We are here for the horse."
Have a stroll through their website –  Your horse will thank you.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Excellent read, leaving me wanting more. I have to read the whole article and visit their web site. Thanks for the introduction Dutch. Richard

    1. You bet, Richard. I know you'll enjoy their site and have no doubt you'll use some of their herb help for your horses. I'm thinking you'll like my story in Natural Horse, too. thanks for being a Coffee Clutcher!

  2. I have come to know Dr. Thomas over the past 11 years as one of the most incredible, caring, kind and brilliant human beings I have ever had the honor to come across in my many years on this earth. It started 11 years ago when I came to him with a "hopeless" horse that everyone said I should put down. Need I say that the "hopeless" horse went on to live 11 more healthy, happy years! Also, Dr. Thomas has helped me with one of my St. Bernards who had a torn ACL. I am forever in his debt!!

    1. Anon, I only know Dr Thomas a few weeks ... and I could feel during our phone interview, not only what a knowledgeable man he is, but how deeply he cares. I'm honored to have been allowed to write his story.

    2. Dr. Thomas and the whole team have done so much to help me through some very dark days with my mare Sweet Pea. I don't know where she would be if not for Dr. Thomas' herbal formulations. I can't wait to read your article, Dutch.