Friday, March 7, 2014

"Feature Friday – Tom Moates- Equestrian Journalist and Author"

Howdy Folks,
Last Saturday at the Virginia Horse Council Educational Seminar I had the honor of meeting Tom Moates. I'd like you to meet him too.

Tom is a kind gentleman whose passion is to help folks everywhere enjoy the best possible relationships with their horses. His method of offering that help is his pen. Or keyboard. An award winning equestrian journalist and author, Tom is on the masthead of Equus magazine as a Contributing Writer. More than 500 of his articles and stories have graced the pages of The American Quarter Horse Journal, Eclectic-Horseman, America's Horse, and Western Horseman.
Tom workin' on a story about following your horse's lead ...
His stories celebrate relationships people have with horses. They share information he's learned from horses and people who've helped him learn. And those who've helped horses. "My main drive to write is to honestly share my own trials and lessons acquired while working with horses, often with the long-suffering guidance of my friend and mentor, horsemanship clinician, Harry Whitney." Tom said. "I don't present people with any how-to information.  Rather, I share my own stories and those of others I've witnessed in clinics or elsewhere with the hope that people may grasp important truths about horsemanship from what's both on the page and between the lines."
Recently Tom has begun to help folks by offering a few clinics of his own. "I have a real focus on working to get horses not obedient, but with a person – mentally with a person, so there is no need for tension between the two." Tom explained. He loves sharing what he's learned. "It's another way to pass on great horsemanship and get to meet new horses."

Tom has also published a series of helpful books he calls his "Journey into Honest Horsemanship series." Those books are, in order: A Horse's Thought, Between the Reins, Further Along the Trail, and Going Somewhere. He has the next installment in the series is coming this fall.
Tom's books
A compilation of his most notable articles and essays, Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings, was published in 2011.

Tom's thinks of people, and horses, and their relationships every time his fingers dance on the keyboard. By writing about what he's experienced he has helped many horses and their owners. "My most rewarding work is that which I hear from readers has helped them improve their relationship to a horse, and to know that horses might have some trouble alleviated from their interactions with humans." Tom said.

You can join Tom on Facebook (HERE

Have a look at his web and buy his books (HERE)

Tom would also like you to visit with his mentor Harry Whitney (HERE)

Thanks Tom, for all you do to help horses and people.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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