Monday, January 6, 2014

My New Beautiful Cane

Howdy Folks,

 A good cane has been an important part of my ensemble for more than a few years now. Even when I'm doing a "Therapy For Therapy Horses Clinic," I always ask someone to follow me and hand me my cane when I drop it to use my hands to give therapy to a horse. There are more than a few silly stories about that.

Earlier this year, Robyn Yeager and I were together at a horse event and, unbeknownst to me, Robyn noticed the trouble I had with my hand on my cane. Lately my hand had begun to hurt when I leaned on my cane ... Secretly, Robyn studied my cane AND my hand, then set to work to make this work of art with a specially shaped hand-grip that takes away that pain. She even stealthily enlisted the aid of my sweet Ravishin' Robbie.

Thank you Robyn for your friendship, your kindness and this stunningly beautiful cane! Saying Thank You seems hardly adequate for the hours, care and planning you put into this most wonderful gift. Folks, she's been working on this since February!
 There are 14 carvings of my favorite birds , a picture of Coffee Clutch and our dear Sweetness, too. "We'll Have The Summer" is etched in, too, as well as my name. The hours Robyn put into this is so moving.

Look how beautiful - The Coffee Clutch, my favorite bird the Bluebird, and my name inscribed.
A true work of art! ... I have a new friend to lean on for years to come.

Thank you so much Robyn!! - If you'd like to look at more canes and walking sticks, and perhaps order one for yourself or a friend, have a look at Robyn's Facebook page - RS Walkin Stix

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. It's a gorgeous piece of artwork and dedication of true love and friendship. I use a cane when I need to as does my husband. That was a lovely gift.

    1. You bet, Plowgirl, it is a lovely gift, and I'm THRILLED with it!! - So you, your husband and I all belong to the "lean on me" club :) - Thanks, too for being a Coffee Clutcher!

    2. What a beautiful and heartfelt gift! That cane is gorgeous and truly shows her talent. Robyn is a very good FB friend of mine, and I'm honored to be included in her list of horse-loving cyber friends. I'd love to meet her someday, and you as well!

    3. It sure is Robynne! - Would be great to meet!!