Friday, January 10, 2014

Feature Friday – Spring Reins of Life – Christianna Capra

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Christianna Capra founded Spring Reins of Life to offer healing and growing to people suffering from emotional and traumatic circumstances. She understood horses have a unique way of reaching into grieving, traumatized or stressed hearts and minds. With the help of some wonderful board members and a fantastic volunteer staff, and of course the fabulous horses, Spring Reins of Life today offers a wide range of programs, with 6 Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) certified instructors.
Located in Central New Jersey, the EAGALA programs they offer are solution focused, and based upon discovery from the feedback, reactions and responses delivered by the horses. Participants learn about themselves by engaging in activities with the horses, and then by discussing metaphors, feelings, behaviors and patterns that were demonstrated during the group session without any judgment or preconceived outcomes.

There are programs designed to aid in the healing and recovery for Veterans returning home with PTSD. These programs focus on the barriers and special issues that surround the military.  The programs break down those barriers. Children bereavement and grief counseling programs focus on specific activities with the horses to help children and teens, as either individuals or groups, cope with grief and bereavement. Horses have a natural way of bringing about healing, just by being with them, interacting in a non-verbal way.

They also offer programs for At-Risk youths and addiction recovery. "Teen drug abuse, teen gang culture, teen alcoholism, teen pregnancy, teen violence and crime – these are not statistics that reside only in the inner cities and ghettos anymore. Studies show that in today’s world of single parents, dysfunctional family units, social issues and early exposure show no boundaries at putting nearly ALL teenagers “at-risk”…" Explains Christianna.

Currently Spring Reins of Life have waiting lists for both the Veterans and youth programs. But they forge on offering healing every day. Please explore their website and learn more about the innovative and effective programs promoting positive growth and healing.    

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Spring Reins of Life is a non-profit 501c3 organization, and in order to offer these programs, this healing, free of charge they rely upon generous donations and funding.

Thank You everyone, and horses at Spring Reins of Life for all the love you give.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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