Friday, November 29, 2013

Feature Friday – Family, Friends, Love and Helping

Howdy Folks,

On this day after Thanksgiving I think it's wholly appropriate to think of love, helping, family and friends. Family is the backbone, the structure, the spirit of who we are. But by family I don't mean to suggest mom, dad, brother, sister and so on only. Family, for folks who understand love and helping is much broader than that.
From the roots and strength our families give us, we can reach out to help others. Perhaps we've never met, and never will meet them, but they are family, and we know them, hear them, and love them. Animal and human. And we want to help them.
Sometimes it's an adoption. Sometimes it's a donation. Sometimes we volunteer at a hospital, a nursing home, a rescue or therapeutic riding center. Sometimes we just call someone in the hospital, or nursing home. Sometimes we send cards, photos or gifts. Always help is offered. Love is given. Support and kindness is given – and felt.
Kessy and Dutch writing about "People & Horses Helping Horses & People"
On this day after Thanksgiving we thank all those who hear the calling to share love, healing and encouragement.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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