Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jack's Back Yard – 12-29-13

Howdy Friends, 

As often as possible on Saturday mornings I listen to "Jack's Backyard" a talk show hosted by "Accidental Naturalist," and wonderful gentleman, Jack Holcomb, all about birds and nature on WEEU "The Voice Of Berks County" streaming on the internet HERE . 

When we moved to VA in '06 I missed that show, and Jack, a lot, until they started streaming 2 years ago. Now by golly I have regular visits with old friends and hear all the birding updates from areas I used to haunt. What a treat! And the birds they chat about are the same species we have right here in Appomattox, and most of the East. – I encourage you to have a listen next Saturday at 8AM Eastern! 

Saturday, Jack had a guest on his show, the volunteer coordinator for French Creek State Park, who spoke of nature trails, activities and the beauty of the park, bringing back sweet memories.

For over 20 years I'd helped manage a Bluebird Trail there with a dear friend. We maintained a trail of about 40 nest boxes and fledged about 100 young annually. One year 125! Other species use the Bluebird boxes too and their activity was also recorded … In later years, as walking became a little difficult for me, I got permission to check the trail on horseback. Riding with a clip board to record activity, and saddle bag full of repair tools and nest box parts, each week was a splendid adventure. Sometimes I gave talks about Bluebirds there and other State Parks. I was a DCNR volunteer for 25 years. I called Jack's show regularly with updates and info .... His show helped encourage lots of folks to start their own Bluebird Trails, which was important for in the early 70's Bluebirds were becoming quite scarce. 
Daddy Bluebird feeding young
I called the show Saturday morning and had a fun chat with my old friend Jack. Old friends, birds, nature, and horses all rolled together in a delightful happy morning. And of course I had to share the happy with our Coffee Clutch family!  

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry …. P.S. Remember to check his show next week.

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