Friday, December 27, 2013

Feature Friday – "The gift and Joy of Love"

Howdy Folks,
Ravishin' Robbie and I are still in the grip of the sweetness of the Christmas Spirit and I didn't really plan on writing a Feature Friday for this week. But as I sat enjoying my Folgers while Kessy peacefully munched her hay I thought of this past week, and love. I thought of Robbie's effortless ability to give love and what it's meant to me over the past four decades. To me and all those in our lives. I thought of this past week and the love we felt spending time with our daughter and grandchildren.

All at once the chicken scratch was swarmed with at least a dozen Juncos and a few Cardinals. Folks who know me know of my love for bird watching; their antics this morning painted a great smile on my face.

Saturday came trotting back into the barn, weaving between Kessy's legs and forced his nose under my hand, nearly spilling my coffee. He was ready for some more loving and was never shy about asking for it. That little stray beagle gave as much love as he asked for since the very first Saturday he wandered into our hearts, tired, hungry and scared. Love pours out of him.

I'd called our dear friend Annabelle yesterday. Over the years she, Robbie and I have enjoyed countless hours in Annabelle's stunning flower gardens and bird watching with her. Annabelle's been in a nursing home for a few years now and recently she's become too weak to even enjoy the birds outside her window so I call her and fill her in on the birds and flowers I've seen. She loves those chats, and it's easy to feel her spirits lift, even from 300 miles away.

Love is truly all around us and if we let it into our spirit it can help us, guide us. As I sipped my Folgers, sitting next to Kessy this very chilly morning, I thought of the stories I'd written this past year. Stories about, "People and Horses Helping Horses and People." Each of those stories was about folks and horses doing their very best, all they can, to help others. Therapeutic riding centers, therapy horses, folks who mortgage their homes to maintain rescues and sanctuaries. I thought how lucky I was to have had the chance to talk to those people, meet those horses. Feel their love. And share their love by being allowed to write their stories. The passion they all have to help is fueled by love.

Love can indeed move mountains, as they say. Mountains of healing, mountains of courage. Mountains of caring and giving. No matter what we might face, if we let it, love can sweep into our hearts and carry us. Love is truly magic.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Annabelle is fortunate to have you friendship. To take a moment to call her and update her on your recent visions sets her free for a while, from her captive aging body. It is a free flowing generosity that comes from one to another kindred spirit. Thanks for sharing Dutch Henry.

  2. Thanks GaitedMorgansofMissouri! - Annabelle is a sweatheart. She taught Robbie and me much about old time flowers and herbs ... We miss those times, but can still share memories and a few chuckles, too ...