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Seeing With Her Heart – follow-up – Chy, The Blind Horse Moves Home –Ariana Tomeselli

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I knew last week Ariana was moving Chy home, from the boarding barn where she’d lived most of her life. That’s why I wanted to post their story (SEEING WITH HER HEART-Ariana Tomasrlli and Cheyenne ) (Which had been published in Trail Blazer in Dec) .. about how their lives came to become intertwined and enriched by each other’s love and trust. I also asked for an update, as to why the move, and how it went, as this sort of thing could be traumatic for a blind horse. Ariana sent me all the details and it seems most appropriate to share the story in her own words – So please enjoy “Chy and Britches Big Move” – by Chy's partner, and guest blogger, Ariana Tomaselli.

Chy and Britches' Big Move

Hi Dutch and Coffee Clutch Friends, I'm Ariana Tomaselli, Chy's human partner.--

First, I am going to give you a little story behind all my horses (just for amusement).

Chy - As you know, Chy was given to me by my friend as a Christmas present since she could not afford and handle a blind horse.
Ariana and Chy - Together they Soar
Britches - My mom's friend saw a video I made of Chy. That night she had a dream, and in her dream God told her that Chy needs Britches in her life. (Britches was 1 at this time, Chy was 2). So the next day, my mom's friend called us, told us her dream, and gave Britches to us. Chy and Britches have been best friends ever since.

Taza - She is an old fireball pure bred Egyptian Arab. The owner of the boarding barn we were at would always watch me ride Chy. She would watch how Chy would buck and rear (out of excitement) and how I never came off of her. She asked my mom if she could talk to me, I thought I was in trouble. The owner told me that I have glue on my butt when I ride. She said that she has a bit of a wild Arab who was claimed a killer that needed work. With the permission of my mom, I accepted the challenge. So, I began working with Taza. Shortly after, the owner of the barn got very ill (from being in a previous car accident) and passed away. However, the day before she passed, she told her husband to give Taza to us. So, Taza became ours and became my mom's perfect riding horse. However, now she is retired because she has arthritis and is in her late 20's.

Geronimo and Tomahawk - These two horses were basically abandoned at the boarding farm. I fought for custody over these two horses for years and finally got them when their owner got into debt with the barn owner and the barn owner granted custody to me and had them signed over.

So, more about Chy and Britches ... As you know we have had all of our horses at a boarding farm called Cameo Farm; which was only a few minutes from our home. We lived in a small neighborhood where I spent my entire life. Shortly after we got Chy my mom began looking for a small farm we could call our own. We wanted Chy to live in our backyard. Then of course, we got another horse, then another, then another, and so on and so forth. My dad would always say, "We are not getting another horse until we buy a farm!" I obviously did not listen.
Ariana and Britches
Even after searching and searching, and getting the count of our horses up to 5, we were still boarding. We searched for years and years. Finally my parents were about to sign a contract for a 5 acre place that would have been OK, but just didn't feel right, when mom heard about a house ethat may be for sale. Mom and dad agreed to go look at it that same morning. As we all pulled up to that house, we knew it was meant to be! It is a small 8 acre property that is tucked back from the road and surrounded by trees, a perfect paradise; but that's not it. As my mom rang the doorbell to meet the home owner, this lady answered the door and both her and my dad stood in complete shock. It turns out, the home owner is an old family friend who grew up with my dad and his family. Small world right?

So she showed us her home and we fell in love. Dutch, it was truly meant to be, we were so close to buying a house literally a mile down the road that we weren't in love with, but ended up getting the home of our dreams.

We moved in the first week of July. We didn't plan to move our 5 horses until September because we needed to put up some fencing and build an extra stall. But, things never go as planned and due to unfortunate circumstances we had to move Taza, Tomahawk, and Geronimo less than a week after we moved in.
Geronimo, Tomahawk and Taza settling in
We kept Chy and Britches at Cameo until we finished everything that needed to be done at our new home. We wanted to move Chy into a home that was "stress-free". Oh, I didn't even tell you the best part.... our trailer, the trailer Chy loves, was sent to the junk yard moments before we had to move our horses.

We had to have our dear friend Betsy trailer our horses for us, but there is one problem... Chy is claustrophobic, and Betsy's trailer is a lot narrower than our old trailer was. I was worried Chy would refuse the trailer.

Then came the day to move Chy and Britches to their new home... I was happy but also worried that they wouldn't load on the trailer, but they proved me wrong! Chy AND Britches both walked right on the trailer!! This has NEVER happened before, usually I have to wait awhile for Chy to make up her mind of whether or not she wants to go somewhere (I always let her choose) and Britches ALWAYS puts up the biggest fight. On that day those horses knew they were going home! It made me cry tears of joy and we were all shocked but so happy!
Britches steps off first - Chy patiently waits her turn
We got them to our new place and I immediately unloaded them and put them in their new pasture. I let Britches roam around on her own, but I kept Chy on the lead so I could show her the boundaries and obstacles. Now, Britches can sometimes be, well, a mare. Haha! She is never really warm and fuzzy towards Chy, but she is always there for Chy when she needs her. As I started walked Chy around Britches would not leave us alone. In a few of the pictures I posted of me leading Chy around you can see my hand on Britches' butt pushing her away. She insisted on staying right by Chy's side. I swore Britches was trying to say, "Ariana, let Chy go, I can handle this". I took that as a sign, and I reluctantly let Chy go... and Britches took over in the most beautiful, sweet way I have ever seen.
Chy stepping "hoof" onto her new home
Britches literally walked Chy around her entire pasture, she showed her the tree, the stump, the gate, the stalls, she showed her everything! It taught me that sometimes I will not always be able to be there for Chy, I won't always be able to protect her, and baby her, and lead the way.
Ariana "pushing" Britches out of the way as she showed Chy her new home fenceline. Britches always worries over Chy. 
Chy has Britches, forever, and Chy has her will power and strength. (Oh man, I am crying now) For the first time in my life, I was able to let go and put my trust in someone else to take care of Chy, Britches.

Chy figured out everything that day. There is this automatic water in her pasture that has a lever in it which the horses have to push down with their muzzle to make the water come out. Chy figured it out on her own!! My other three horses had been there for a month and still did not have that waterer figured out!!! Chy can handle herself.

I feel like a momma bird who let her baby bird fly out of the nest for the first time, which is weird seeing that my baby bird moved home with me. I could not be anymore blessed to have such an amazing family, friends, and horses, especially Chy.
Chy and Britches all settled in
Thank you Dutch for caring about Chy and me! Ariana.

Thank you Arianna for sharing yours and Chy's story with us!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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  1. I wish my blind Houdini had a Britches to look after him!