Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gone For The Week – Heading For NH to Live And Let Live Rescue for Therapy Horse Clinics

Howdy Folks,

I'll be heading out tomorrow morning for a week, so there may not be blog posts, or facebook visits until next Wednesday or Thursday.
I'll sure miss my Ravishin' Robbie
And the Coffee Clutch bunch ...
I'm pretty excited about this adventure. I'm off to do  "Therapy For Therapy Horses,"" clinics at Live & Let Life Farm Rescue in NH. ... I will be featuring Live and Let Live Rescue on Friday's Feature Friday - I'll be posting the story I wrote about them for my July 2012, Heartbeats column in Trail Blazer. Be sure to watch for it, it tells the story of why Teresa founded Live & Let Live, and what they do there. A truly remarkable place. 
I'll be stopping at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law's in PA on the way up to rest, stock up on vittles. And whoop up on Henry in a few games of chess. He's a great chess player, just not as good as me. Well most of the time he's not anyway. Every now and then the pieces move his way, but we don't need to talk about that. Ever.
Thursday, bright and early I'll fire up my geriatric Tahoe again, which will have really needed the night's rest, and set out for the next leg of the journey to Live & Let Live Farm Rescue; hopefully with no wounds to lick from Wednesday night's chess matches with Henry.

I'm excited to take a leisurely drive through up-state PA and on into NY through MA and into NH. Mrs. GPS says the trip from Reading PA to Chichester NH should take about 8 hours, but the Tahoe is old, and so are my legs, and I'm pretty sure there will be a number of times I'll need to stop for a little bird and horse watching. So I reckon we can toss that time-for-the-trip-estimate away. I'll get to Live & Let Live … sometime Thursday evening.
Friday we'll have our "Therapy for Therapy Horses" clinic for the volunteers. Teresa Paradise (owner/founder of LLFR) would like a core of group volunteers to master the basics of these wonderful exercises for the rehabilitation of the rescue horses, and to be able to teach the adopters so they can continue them, for the horses they adopt.
Inversion Muscle release. This is wonderful to release the tension in the inversion & pectoral muscles (just thought I'd show an example here)
Saturday and Sunday will be a 2 day progressive "Therapy for Therapy Horses" clinic for outside folks and horses, as a fundraiser for Live & Let Live. We'll start Saturday morning with the basics, followed after lunch with, "Exercises in Motion" then Sunday morning we'll do "Exercises in Saddle." This will be an exciting clinic and folks will come away understanding and hearing their horses on a level they never imagined before.

Monday morning I'll wake up my, by then, well rested Tahoe and head for home. I'll be stopping to rest and visit a few friends in PA Monday evening. Then set out on the last leg of my adventure Tuesday morning, on the way back to my Ravishin' Robbie, and Kessy.

So, while our facebook page and the Coffee Clutch blog may be quiet for a week or so. Know that it's for a good cause. As I say, "It's For The Horses." And who knows, if I'm up to it, and I can figure how to get my computer to work away from home, perhaps I'll drop a few lines on Facebook.

Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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