Friday, June 14, 2013

"Feature Friday – My Mentor - Diane Sept – Back To Basics Equine Awareness"

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If you've been following our Coffee Clutch blog, or my Facebook page you've heard me mention Diane Sept more than a few times. You might have even seen my saying, "Whatever good I know about life I learned from my wife, and whatever good I learned about horses I learned from Diane Sept." For more than 40 years, with a kind heart and a keen sense of human/horse communication, Diane has, in her very special, gentle way, helped people learn to connect with and understand their horses. There is something quite unique in the way she can help folks "hear" and understand their horses.
Diane Sept listening
"Back to Basics Equine Awareness" is the perfect name for her business, as that's the very core of what she teaches as a Certified Connected Riding instructor, "Equine Awareness." For, as she will tell you, we've got to be "aware" of things important to our horses to truly have a relationship that will allow us to excel at whatever discipline we choose to pursue. From simply having a pasture buddy, to trail riding, endurance riding, showing, dressage or anything in between and beyond, Diane teaches her students that everything is important. I truly believe Diane may well be the first "Holistic" riding instructor/horse trainer. She certainly was on the forefront of addressing the biomechanics, nutrition and natural health of both the horse and rider.
 She was a barefoot advocate long before the current movement was gathering its present momentum. She is a huge advocate of the natural health and well being of horses. She doesn't simply "train" a horse or "teach" a student. Rather she considers the entire relationship between student and horse and helps to fine tune all aspects. Being a long time student and believer of Linda Telling-Jones she employs the TTEAM Touch techniques to be certain the horse is free to move in the manner required to perform what is being asked. She teaches if we listen to the horse, and take care of the horse's health, body, posture, balance, confidence and self carriage, all things can be accomplished without gadgets, devices or gimmicks. In a truly natural way. 

As one of Peggy Cummings’ original certified Connected Riding Instructors, Diane has been teaching Connected Riding for over 20 years. Diane has performed for National Centered Riding Symposiums and Connected Riding demonstrations. She has even been known to give bridleless, and gaited dressage, riding demonstrations at various venues. While she specializes in gaited horses she welcomes all breeds. Freeing up and allowing the natural abilities of any breed to express themselves is one of the goals of Connected Riding.

Diane's commitment to the betterment of horses' health everywhere is what sets her apart. She is not only a trainer and instructor – she is a true Horse Advocate. As one of the original members, of Friends Of Sound Horses (FOSH) and Judge from the onset, she has been decrying the horrible act of Soring and other abuses of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and other gaited breeds, for decades. She has helped to make a difference. But she does not limit her efforts to gaited breeds and is a defender of horses' rights to be pain free, no matter the breed.

Through her gentle instruction her students learn to achieve levels of accomplishments, connection and understanding with their horses, and themselves, that they may have never imagined possible. She teaches the student it is not only the physical act of learning a technique, but the whole of the experience. The best and healthiest result for both horse and human.
Diane is pure in her intentions and it comes through in her actions and words. She has touched and changed countless lives, horses and humans. I know I'm one whose life was made richer for knowing her and will be forever grateful for what she has taught me. It is because of her, I am able to do my, "Therapy For Therapy Horses," clinics, so from afar, Diane is helping horses help people.

If you are seeking an instructor, trainer, clinician, or mentor who can change your and your horse's lives contact Diane Sept. Her email is . Phone number- 717-336-6346. 

You can find her on Facebook Here –

Thank you Diane for all you do to help so many. And thank you Connie Bloss for introducing me to Diane all those years ago.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. Well said Sir. She is indeed unique, and I believe as well that her intentions are pure.I have learned so much from her and have a greater appreciation of so many things due to time spent with her.She is an amazing individual, and all who meet her count themselves blessed.

    1. Thanks Kelly! And yes Diane is amazing, and I know my life has been changed, made richer and I'm so grateful for her having become part of my life