Friday, May 3, 2013

"Feature Friday-Wings Of Hope Ranch"

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There is a small ranch in Montpelier Virginia where once discarded and neglected horses, now rescued and healthy, help to nurture and heal children who are facing challenges. Children who have suffered abuse, neglect, and any manner of troubles can find peace, growth and love at this little ranch aptly named, "Wings Of Hope Ranch."
You can feel the peace and love at Wings of Hope Ranch
Wings Of Hope Ranch is a Christian based non-profit organization dedicated to offering new and bountiful lives to children and horses by offering a safe environment where the horses can heal and the children can learn about love and caring. Together they help each other start new lives.

Co-founders Jane Yancey and Alison Boyd had a dream in 2006 to help troubled children find their way clear and onto new starts, and that vision included horses as teachers. Both Jane and Alison were lifelong horse lovers and they knew too often horses needed to be rescued too. There plan would be to rescue horses who would then be the healers of the children. Healing together and learning from each other, horses and children each could celebrate new beginnings.

Since its beginning in 2006 the services at Wings Of Hope Ranch have been offered free of charge, and no staff or volunteers are paid. Word spread quickly of the good that is done there and the program grew and grew. Today there are approximately 2700 visits a year by children, people attending services, working and volunteering. The ranch is open 5 days a week and children come to receive services each day.

Many of the children who visit the ranch have been abused, are in family crises, were orphaned, adopted at a late age, have a family member that is dying or recently died, too often more than one of these issues all at the same time. The goal is to continue to rescue and rehabilitate horses in need and utilize these great animals and their gifts to break down barriers humans cannot touch. Many parents or caretakers find Wings of Hope Ranch to be the one thing that "works" for their child.

Wings of Hope Ranch also has an extremely successful mentorship program for the youth who graduate from the program and desire to stay involved and continue to pass on the healing by becoming a leader. It is called the "Youth Leader" program. This program meshes together these graduates with teen leaders from the community who come along side them and work with both the horses and children in the program. "It is a blessing to watch these teens blossom in this special environment." Said Alison.
Youth Leaders carry the healing forward
What a wonderful world exists on that little ranch in Montpelier. A place of love, healing and rebirth. For children and horses. Please visit their website to learn more 

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