Monday, April 29, 2013

"A Really Neat Weekend"

Howdy Folks,
This weekend I attended the second annual Equine Wellness in Waynesburg PA. From our house to Waynesburg it's a 350 mile drive through some of the most beautiful scenery you could ask for. A good portion of the trip was along route 33 across the "Eastern Continental Divide."  I stopped several times at overlooks being swept away by the beauty of valleys and mountains. The route took me through Seneca Rocks; what a sight they are! Of course the Dogwoods were blooming and I had to stop a few more times to have a look at wildflowers. At one point an entire bank was covered in Bloodroot!

Friends converged on Friday night at Pizza Hut, fine dining indeed, and we all chatted about things we had going on, and how excited we were to be part of the Symposium.

Saturday was jam packed with demonstrations all about helping horses have the healthiest happiest lives possible. From barefoot trimming, to dentistry to holistic and homeopathic treatment and care for horses, to riding in a way that makes sense to your horse, and a terrific Western Dressage demonstration. I demonstrated release and relax exercises for the horse, and showed a nifty little exercise to help horses be more in contact with their feet. There was a great talk on trail safety ... From 8:00am to 6:30pm the arena was a very happening place! I missed some of the excitement, though, when I was signing books at my table, but by golly I caught most of it.

All the presenters were top shelf and the attendees went home with lots great information to enrich theirs and their horses' lives. For a list and contacts of the presenters please see my blog from this Friday (4-26-13) here -    All theses folks would be thrilled to chat with you.

Sunday a few of us gathered for private sessions with folks who wanted more, "Hands On" lessons. That was a real treat for me to get to watch Patrick King give a riding lesson. I truly enjoyed that. So did Marilu and her horse Flame. A bunch of us hung around the barn a while just getting to know each other better. It was an honor for me to meet all of the presenters and clinicians there! Thank you Pattie Jo Duda for all the hard work you did to bring all this together!

Even the ride home was fun again. I took a different route, more highway, but it was also very scenic and offered a few irresistible stops of different views. I ate a late lunch at a lookout surrounded by Dogwoods and Redbuds just ablaze with flowers, and a view that was breathless. Just over the edge I watched a pair of Cardinals flit from branch to branch.

Got home to big ol' hug from Ravishin' Robbie … Kessy nickered at the porch, Saturday and Zoe bounded to the car … Then settled in, just in time for "Once Upon A Time." … I love that show!

What a neat weekend! Hope yours was too!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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