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"Feature Friday- Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue"

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The mission of Beauty Haven Farm and Equine Rescue (BHFER) is to help the horses in most need of help. "We don't try to bring in the easily adopted horses. We focus on those most people would give up on. They are the ones who call out to us for help." Founder, Theresa Batchelor explained. They also network with other rescue organizations and individuals offering guidance and support. "Anything we can do to help horses in need and those trying to help." One way they conduct outreach is by maintaining a Facebook page and a daily blog. "With this effort it is my hope that by sharing our stories of recovery and rehabilitation and placement we can encourage others not to give up."

Beauty's Haven Farm is named for the Arabian mare who helped heal Theresa after surgery to remove a tumor from her spinal column left her quadriplegic and was told she'd never walk again. But with much determination, physical therapy, and faith, she did regain use of her limbs. However, Theresa has no feeling or proprioception below her neck - she is what is called an "incomplete quadriplegic." 
Theresa & Beauty
While she was recovering, and longing to ride again, Theresa had received word a mare had been seized by the county. That mare, who at that time was in terrible condition, physically and mentally, was Beauty. Together they started on a journey of healing each other. Beauty understood Theresa was different and made every effort to work through her own issues to understand and learn Theresa's verbal requests, as the normal physical training and body language were things Theresa could not offer. Horse and human melded, and became a solid team. Theresa knows it was a blessing that Beauty chose her to be her person.

It was that process of healing together that caused Theresa to want to do just as much as she possibly could to save as many horses as possible. So in 2006 ,with much support from her husband, Bob, and their children, Theresa founded (BHFER) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help as many equine friends as possible when they are in need.
Loving life again
On average BHFER rescues and helps thirty-five to fifty horses begin new lives each year. With a friendly and vigorous adoption program they have a very successful placement record. BHFER is blessed with a solid and growing team of volunteers who work tirelessly to help the horses recover and thrive. And many of the volunteers are being healed by the horses they are caring for.

While there is no formal program in place to offer equine assisted therapy to individuals, plenty of it happens here. Some volunteers are teens who need a solid anchor to realize the beauty in life, and from the recovering horses they learn about trust, respect and honesty. Some battle with PTSD, or physical issues of their own. "We see every day the healing the horses give to the volunteers. As the horses heal they give back to the people, strength, love and connection. Horses give so much and ask for so little. It truly is horses and humans beginning new lives together." Theresa explained.
Exercising horses and having fun too!
Watch for my HeartBeats column in the July issue of Trail Blazer to read more of the wonderful story of Beauty's Haven Farm and Equine Rescue.

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  1. Thank you for your attention and praise of BHFER. Theresa, husband and family do an amazing job caring for all these horses. Theresa is amazing! I hope people go to the FB page and blog and read the inspiring story of Betsy Rose who is getting quite famous! All the horses there are lucky as are the Batchelor family who gets to have horses in their lives every day.