Monday, April 8, 2013

"Happy Monday! It's a Bluebird Day!"

Howdy Folks,

HAPPY MONDAY everybody! The Spring symphony of bird song floated on crisp air this morning as I sat with Kessy, Saturday and Miss Kitty enjoying our Coffee Clutch. Kessy's eyes sparkled as she gazed out into the bright morning sun, hay dangling from her mouth. We had enjoyed a lovely, and lively, ride yesterday and I wondered if she was remembering it. I was. Our good friend Chris and her mule Molly had gone with us, and the two girls seemed pretty full of themselves. Ah Spring.

This morning's operatic performance was surely the best so far this Spring. Phoebes called and flitted about, dashing to the dirt to retrieve nest building material for there new nest in Kessy's barn. Mr. Cardinal sat high in a tree and sang loud. Mr. Bluebird too, sang and sang. Mourning Doves joined in, their cooing wafting lightly as backup singers. Several Chipping Sparrows chattered as they scratched the chicken feed, and Mr. Chickadee added his high notes just in time for the chorus. A lone Robin trilled.

The Bluebirds have a complete nest in the front yard and we are keeping watch for the first egg. Ravishin' Robbie is cooking our first batch of Hummingbird nectar of the Spring. We'll be hanging the first feeder today ... They will be here any day now. We've missed our glistening flying jewels. To check when they will be in your area go to . And you can report your first sighting there too, just for fun.

On our rides Kessy and I have already seen plenty of Bluetts, Spring Beauties, Myrtle and even Bloodroot flowers … Can our road trip to Blue Ridge Parkway to look for wildflowers be far away? I'm ready!

Ravishin' Robbie, Kessy, the critters  and I send you wishes for a Happy Monday and God Bless!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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