Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"More on Lessons From Dancing With The Stars"

Howdy Folks,

Yesterday's post about how I discovered Dancing With The Stars and how it hooked me, generated some really great comments, thoughts and fun on our blog and facebook. Thank you all! I wasn't really going to do a follow up. I mean after all how much can you say about a TV show? But while watching last night's show I had some thoughts.

 Not new thoughts, I've had them for a long time, but watching last night's show, and knowing I had a blog about it today, I watched as a reviewer might. In keeping with my opinion that DWTS is a great example about how great it feels to strive to be your best, and what a fun and exciting example of that pursuit, I'd like to share another thought.
Followers of the Coffee Clutch have often seen my suggestion of, "Celebrate the Positive and Ignore the Negative." I admit I mostly talk about that in connection to working with horses, but I pretty much live by that code. I think it strengthens a marriage, love, family and friendship bonds, a career, and certainly your relationship with your horse. It's how I write here on our blog, on my facebook page and my stories for Natural Horse and Trail Blazer magazines. How I try to see life.

If you watch DWTS you're familiar with the clips they show of rehearsals. They detail the struggles, the planning and behind the scenes silliness. The clips also reveal the stars' attitudes. Some are up and digging into the challenge with a positive attitude, no matter the struggle. They laugh at themselves, declare their commitment and focus on what they've accomplished. There are also clips of crying, complaining how difficult it is, how they may have made a mistake. Sometimes the star might blame the pro for making it too tough. I know it's TV and the producers feel the need for controversy and angst. But the clips are real. And often telling.

I can't help but notice the stars who laugh at themselves, have the most positive outlook, and rarely complain or argue, tend to achieve the highest scores. And win. Some folks might say it's easy to be positive when you're doing well. I suppose there's truth to that. But I also believe it's true that "Celebrating the Positive and Ignoring the Negative" helps to make it easier to do well. Which in turn feeds into the positive attitude. Which then takes that positive attitude and grows and grows.

You can watch the stars who complain and are negative and see the time they lose in rehearsal, and compare it to the stars who focus on the positive, their accomplishments and move quickly ahead to more difficult steps and choreography without losing time. The lesson is there for everyone to see. It works every time it's tried. Anywhere. Who would have thought there were lessons to be learned on DWTS … I did the first time I watched it. That's why I'm a fan.

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry


  1. What a wonderful philosophy for life!!!! Negative attitudes take much more energy and creates high levels of stress which causes premature aging........who wants that??!! Not me :). Life is too short to knit pick and search for something to complain about, especially when you just open your eyes and take a good look around and you see glorious wonders around you!! Thanks for sharing Dutch :). Smiles take less muscles than a frown, so folks....turn that frown upside down :-)!!!!


  2. Celebrate the positive and ignore the negative.
    I like that.
    Thank you.

  3. What a great post. I agree completely. I like the Niki ad "JUST DO IT" as this reflects that concept. But I would add, enjoy just doing it.
    As you say Dutch, negativity is not productive. I ask my clients, when they are negative about their own healing process.."how is that kind of thinking going to improve your physical or mental and give body an environment for healing? Our body and mind are very connected.. we are what we think. What is the saying.. it takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile. When we are negative about things, our intuitive side hides in a dark corner in our mind, until it is safe for "it" to come out. I am thinking of our sweet lab. Jerry and I never yell at each other.. but when Jerry or I walk in the house frustrated by something, our little lab will go and hide behind our overstuffed chair.. and then we realize that our negative energy is making her feel uneasy.. then we go over to her and say "it's okay" before she will come out wagging her tail. Embrace life, embrace the challenges it brings to us everyday.. go with the flow as they say..and you will live longer. :) Linda Nedilsky - LMT and MFR Specialist, N. VA