Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Brilliant Morning"

Howdy Folks,

Last night's moon and sky had been simply stunning. The full moon so bright I needed no lights as I set out to the barn to give Kessy her bedtime apple slice snack. She met me at the back porch with a nicker and head nod. We lingered a bit together there. I strained my ears hoping for the first Whippoorwill call of the Spring, but heard none. Even the Spring Peepers were silent, the chilly air I suppose had the tiny frogs snugly tucked in. The silence seemed to make that grand moon hanging in a sky of black velvet even more spectacular.

I looked in the Western sky this morning, on my way to Coffee with Kessy, for that big moon. Often in the morning's sparkling blue of the Western horizon I'll see a faded pattern of the previous night's moon. I was certain this morning I'd find that big  moon looking like a round dusty ornament just above the big oak's highest branches. But no, only a brilliant blue sky greeted us. No clouds, no stars, no faded moon. I admit I have no idea why some mornings the retiring moon, and occasionally stars too can still be found in the Western morning sky and other days not, but today I was hoping the big globe would be there.
I settled into my chair as Kessy tugged and munched her hay. We were greeted immediately with a distant train whistle. As if on cue a Cardinal landed on the oak just outside Kessy's barn on the branch I call, the stage. I've named it that because it's a long solitary branch that Spring songbirds often choose as their platform. Mr. Cardinal made full use of that stage and entertained Kessy, Saturday, Miss. Kitty, Tigger, the chickens and me with song after song. Behind him, out of sight,  Mr. Phoebe joined in for a few verses, when he wasn't helping Mrs. Phoebe build their nest on the rafter in the far end of the barn. Then the special treat of the morning came when Mr. Bluebird landed high above Mr. Cardinal and added his lovely trill to the brisk morning air. Another train whistle sounded in the distance.

What a delightfully brilliant morning! We hope yours is too.

God Bless and Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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