Friday, March 8, 2013

"FEATURE FRIDAY-Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program-Bridget Kroger"

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Bridget Kroger sat at her job in Iraq as she had been for many months. Her duties caused her to ponder how she might be able to help her fellow soldiers. How could she help the soldiers going home to heal, rebuild and carry on? Bridget had been around horses her entire life; she knew the magic in their healing spirits. It was that day, sitting in Iraq some 5 years ago that the idea hit her. She would start the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program (WWEP). But what would it be she wondered?

Bridget and a rescued Friesian
Over the last 12 years Bridget worked with many horses and while serving as an Army Officer( graduated from West Point in 1996) she worked with many Soldiers and their families in ensuring they are well taken care of. 

Upon her redeployment from Iraq in 2010, she kept the idea of WWEP in the back of her mind as she still wasn't sure what it was going to be. Bridget loves working with all types of horses. Especially horses that have had a rough go of it. She loves showing them how great their lives can be.
Then suddenly it all came together. The WWEP would help give Veterans and horses a new lease on life. "I truly believe the spirit of the horse and the warrior lives on forever," Bridget said.

One of the facets of the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program is to reunite Warriors with their favorite mounts so they can heal each other ... Photo by Mary Khoury Whitelaw
Her vision for WWEP was not to start another therapeutic riding center or horse rescue, but rather to create a way to connect as many of those wonderful organizations together as she could. The purpose of WWEP would be to build a vast network of Professional Military and Horse Professionals to maximize opportunities for Veterans and Service Members to engage with horses of all disciplines, breeds and levels of riding.

The WWEP works to raise awareness of the Healing Powers Of Horses and to help raise money for Equine Therapeutic Programs and Horse Rescues across the United States. WWEP is dedicated to bringing horses, rescue owners, therapeutic riding centers and Veterans together and assisting them all in having a new start and raising the money they need to operate.

Bridget started the WWEP facebook page May 2011 and launched their current website in Mar 2012. A brand new dynamic website will launch June 2013. 
If you can help add to the list, or know of a Veteran, horse, rescue or therapeutic riding center who could use their help, the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program would like to hear from you. If you’d like to be part of this wonderful network of helping and idea sharing please email Bridget at

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this program. What a fantastic endeavor.

  2. Thank you Dutch for sharing this wonderful program. Again, our beloved horses help so many.