Thursday, December 20, 2012

"The New Facebook Profile Pic Choice"

Howdy Folks,

The past few days chatting with our wonderful friends on Facebook about my new Profile Pic has been so much fun! I hope you all had fun too! Yesterday I'd selected the two finalist photos, posted them on Facebook and asked for opinions. So many friends pitched in to help decide it was like a party! It was suggested I ask Kessy which one she liked best. So this morning at Coffee Clutch that was just about all Kessy, Saturday and the gang and I talked about ... It's a tough decision to change for me. I've been using the cover of my novel ever since it's been published.

Ravishin' Robbie had done such a great job snapping photos it was hard to even narrow down to the first group. We'd started the photo shoot just fooling around.

 Then we did a few ground work exercises.
 When I took a break, Kessy came over to look at what was so interesting on the ground. She loves to do whatever I do ... Look closely at the picture to see how hard she is looking to find what I might be studying , when all I was doing was resting my back.

We fooled around a lot more, too.
 I took another break. When I sit down like this, Kessy always stands over me, and I pull myself up by her mane.
 We were still just lovin' on each other, and Robbie kept snapping away, and we got this one.
A Kessy Hug

And this one.
Kessy's Kiss
After much discussion this morning, Kessy said I should chose the one I like best ... she said she looks stunning in all of them!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry & Kessy


  1. Kessy has such a tender, sweet face in that last photo.....that is my favorite. She is lucky to have you and your leading lady as her parents :)

  2. I like the Kessy Kiss, toot sweet the both of you. She is a lucky girl to have you for her person Dutch.

  3. I love this! They are all so good, I would not want to have to choose! know you can use all of them ~ by changing them out every week or so...
    Thanks so much for your& blog, Dutch. Such a treat!