Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"One Of Those Perfect Mornings"

Howdy Folks,

Still air, crisp and cold, but still and quiet greeted Saturday and me as we strode from house to barn. Kessy stood watching us, her breath steaming upward. She's funny in the morning, not much of an early riser. She will on occasion come right to me for a scratch and a hug, but she has her share of mornings when she'll stand back a few yards and watch all sleepy eyed and content. This was one of those mornings.

She stood about ten feet from the barn, and by the looks of the frost on the ground all around her, except for the circle of frost free dirt where she must have slept, she hadn't taken three steps yet. She watched patiently, well sleepily, as I went about the morning routine of calling the chickens and scattering their scratch (the Juncos beat the chickens in today), feeding Saturday and fetching her hay and 4 ounces of grain. When I called her and rattled the grain can, Kessy managed a stretch. One of those giant, legs way out in front, dip all the way down low with eyes clenched tight shut, followed with an entire body, dust flying shake, stretches.

Trying her best to, and pulling it off quiet well, look only mildly interested in me or breakfast, she strolled in a most dignified manner into the barn. She carried with her the air of a movie star walking down the red carpet in practiced steps making sure everyone had time to admire. I pretended to snap photos from every angle and called out, "Autographs … Autographs please!" She pretended not to notice, but I discerned a head tilt as if to say, "Yes, lovely aren't I?"

It was one of those mornings where Kessy could not be bothered with hugs … So I gave three. Big ones.

I settled into my chair next to Kessy, as she munched her hay, Saturday lay at my feet. The chickens had all come and gone. Juncos, Cardinals, Chickadees and Doves now controlled the chicken scratch. Oh and, Miss Kitty and Tigger had stayed in the house, too chilly I reckon. The train whistled far in the distance. It was one of those mornings I could even hear the rumble and clickity-clack.

It was one of those perfect mornings … We hope you have one too!

God Bless & Gitty Up.
Dutch Henry