Monday, November 26, 2012


Howdy Folks,
We set out into the sun. It was a lot colder than I'd figured. Shouldn't have been surprised for when I finally a moseyed to the barn yesterday for Coffee Clutch, everyone's water was frozen. All the chicken waterers, and Kessy's too. I've heard the weather this year described as "Bi-polar,"

The Juncos have begun to gather and follow me as I scatter the chicken scratch and call, "Her chic, chic chic." Darling little black birds, do you suppose they begin to think they're chickens? Well they followed along and dove right in to the cracked corn, they usually enjoy about a minute of free dining before the first of the Bantams saunter up and claim the territory.

Yesterday morning, the Junco/Bantam dance was pretty much the same. Saturday's Coffee Clutch temperature had been 42 … Sunday's 22! Yea that bi-polar thing … That 22 degree aspect caught me off guard. I'd been so absorbed in the delightfully pleasant days I never took care of the water heaters! And as I said, everything was frozen.

Wrapped in insulated coveralls, earmuffs, winter hat and a blanket on my lap, I watched the Coffee Clutch crew and sucked down a few steamy cups of Pumpkin Spice coffee. Kessy munched her hay, Saturday, wrapped in his blanket-coat tried to climb on my lap, and the chickens were … frustrated.

After they claimed the feeding stations from the Juncos, squirrels and Doves they, as is their custom, wandered to their waterers, of which there are three. Although yesterday, all the waterers were frozen. They put on a delightfully funny show. Almost single file they strutted to the first waterer, found it frozen, tried again, looked skyward then waddled to the next one and repeated the routine. After checking all three waterers each chicken (and I use chicken to refer to chickens and roosters alike) eventually made their way to the puddle I maintain for Kessy's puddle phobia treatment. (It hasn't worked for that, but since the chickens, wild birds, squirrels and rabbits love it so I never had the heart to let it dry up) … I'd broken the ice earlier and dumped a bit of warm water in.

About Kessy's frozen water … Well I went to the house and brought out warm water and she was good to go. And yes, by mid-morning all the water warming devices were in place and functioning correctly.

Then I saddled up, and Kessy and I rode into the sun for a chilly but beautiful ride through a forest of chirping birds and frosty trails. I should have worn my insulated boots ... It wasn't as cold Sunday as the time my friend Connie Bloss and I went to Woodstock Vermont one January a number of years back for a 25 mile Competitive Trail Ride ... that day it was one degree when we set out in 28 inches of snow. Ah we had a delightful time on that adventure! … But I'm older now and 22 degrees seemed to feel the same as one did back then …

Stay warm, enjoy a cup and have a perfect day!

Gitty Up
Dutch Henry


  1. FOCLMGHO at "temperature had been 42 … Sunday's 22! Yea that bi-polar thing …". And the chicken conga line as they looked skyward, "Lord, why is the water hard?"

    Classic musings, Dutch, and I thank you for sharing them.

    1. Oh man, Odee, you sure would have been laughin'!