Friday, November 30, 2012

FEATURE FRIDAY-Joe Camp- Horse Advocate-Writer and Film Producer

Howdy Folks,
Joe Camp is devoted to promoting the well being and natural care of the horse. He lives the life and teaches by setting the example. His motto is, "No stalls, no shoes, no sugar."

Joe and Cash discussing their journey
You may know Joe Camp as the author/creator of the beloved Benji novels and movies. You may know him as the author of over a dozen other books, all related to kindness toward and understanding of animals. It was about seven years ago that Joe and his wife Kathleen discovered the wonderful world of horses.

Pretty early in their journey into horse love they discovered that sometimes horses don't really have it so good. Sure they may be well cared for, fed and housed, but modern horse care practices left Joe feeling that something was amiss. He kept asking himself, "What's in it for the horse?" He discovered the wisdom of Ray Hunt, who opened each clinic with this sentence, "I'm here for the horse." Joe will tell you it was Ray and his mentor, Tom Dorrance who first promoted, "looking at things from the horse's perspective." Joe will ask you, "If you truly want a relationship with your horse, is there any other perspective?"

Joe set out to not only understand the world and life as horses see it, but to share the knowledge he gained along the way. To that end he authored the best seller, "The Soul Of The Horse," a must read for any horse lover. It is his open and curious mind that has so enriched his life with the blessings of understanding horses and his strong desire to share what they've taught him.

He writes articles for numerous equine publications about natural, healthy horse care on a variety of subjects from nutrition, housing, barefoot hoof care and health maintenance. Often he will guest blog sharing his insights. And of course he maintains a very informative and fun blog of his own at   Please check it out and sign on to follow.

Joe and  Stormy relaxin'

Joe's website "The Soul Of The Horse"  is so packed with information and fun stories and videos that by golly you could happily get lost there for hours. Everything from just having fun learning to hear your horse to a healthy diet and proper hoof care can be explored at your leisure.

I chose to FEATURE Joe Camp today because he truly understands and, works tirelessly to help others understand, "The Soul Of The Horse."

Thank you Joe for all you do for horses all over the world.

Gitty Up.

Dutch Henry


  1. Amen Dutch!!I don't believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason. I had never owned horses until 1 year ago in August when I got 2. Knowing NOTHING about horse husbandry I immediately went to our small, rural library to see what they had. I picked up 2 books that day. One by Joe Camp and the other by Monty Roberts. Prior to that I knew nothing of natural horsemanship or horses being barefoot. I feel very fortunate to have had such good information to start my horse ownership with. I now have 5 horses. Life is great!!

    1. Life is great, Lauren! ... And you surely chose the very best friends you could have to begin this new journey, your new best friends ... and Joe and Monty to make that journey spectacular!

  2. Joe Camp is the ultimate natural horse care mentor, and has been my inspiration and motivation for everything horse!

    1. Robynne, You could never have picked a better inspiration than Joe! ... Here's to a lifetime of fun, love and millions of trail miles!