Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love is a Wonderful Thing

 I've been asked to move some of my facebook posts over to my blog, because some folks think they're worth reading again … I first posted this in April, and I chose to repost here, because, well Love is a wonderful thing.
I sat on the porch last night for something over an hour. Alone. Robbie and the grandbabies had gone to the theater for play rehearsal. I sat on the glider only a few moments when the Whippoorwills started calling. First one, then two, then a third added his mournful call to the otherwise still night air. Calling and calling, they seemed to knowingly take turns with great care not to interrupt each other's song. Their soulful cries echoed through the dark, seeming to surround me. Hold me. It made me think of love. Of Robbie and our sweet life we've shared together for more than 36 years now.

Love. I make no apologies for speaking here about the power of love. How it can change you. Save you. Build you. The whippoorwills continued to call, the air felt like velvet. Each call seemed to touch me more deeply, move me closer to memories of all the tender moments Robbie and I have shared. Reflecting alone on the dark porch, being held captive by the whippoorwills, I found myself lost in the warmth of the power of love.

Love, as they say, can conquer all. But when I think of love, I don't think of conquering. I think of sharing. Sharing joys, sharing thrills, sharing each other's dreams. I think of sharing challenges, ambitions and triumphs. And sharing tender moments together remembering the birth of our little girl, now grown and raising a family of her own; blessing us with these darling grandbabies. I think of sharing moments laughing at the silly times when we charged into adventures, not all of them working out just the way we had planned. And celebrating robustly those times plans came together perfectly.

Love. Yes I can say Robbie's sweet love made me who I am. Those of you who've read my novel may remember the line when Mary thought of Sam, "She loved him because he loved so easily." Robbie is easy to love, and gives love easily. I often tease her, telling her she must have really been something in a past life to get saddled with me in this one. I thank God for making her just for me.

As you take on the excitement, adventures and challenges of today I hope you'll take the embrace of love along with you. Let it swaddle you in its power and guide you in all you do.

Have a beautiful day! ~ Dutch


  1. Mornin' Dutch! Wish more individuals could experience Love like this!

  2. Mornin' Darlene, I do to! Love IS a wonderful thing ... Thank you for joining us here at coffee Clutch :)

  3. You forgot sharing during the hard, bad and sad times we all have. These can be the most rewarding, drawing us closer together, letting us be vulnerable to the one person we know we can trust, sharing our fears and disappointments and holding each other up when we don't think we can do it alone. That is love at it's strongest.

    1. Thanks Pam! ... You are so right, Love does carry us through the hard times. And you know it is the very premise for my novel, We'll Have The Summer ... I do say in this blog, "Sharing joys, sharing thrills, sharing each other's dreams. I think of sharing challenges, ambitions and triumphs."

  4. I just love this ; )