Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I had to wake up the roosters today!

Exciting day for Dutch today! I'm heading out to Heartland Horse Heroes therapeutic riding center for volunteer training! ... I already volunteer there doing my Therapy For Therapy Horses clinics and they have a big event coming up with the county school district bringing children for therapeutic riding lessons. The program will run a day a week until December, and the response was so great that they needed a few more volunteers to help out. I was there the other day when the owner was struggling to get all the volunteer spots filled and I told her I'd be happy to help out if I could.

I've written a good number of stories now about all sorts of therapeutic riding centers and hippotherapy and visited dozens of them. Even participated in a few sessions, but this is the first time I'll be this involved in it on this level, so, like I said I'm really very excited. There is a bit more to this though, I can tell already, than I expected.

Yesterday I received an email from Heartland with the standard volunteer forms to fill out and bring along. I never needed to do that before because I work with the horses and was actually never there during any lesson time. So I filled everything out, you know all the standard stuff, names, contacts, emergency numbers, etc.

Then there was another part too. From the school district. Holy cow this gets pretty involved! I had to go for a TB test yesterday. Went to the county health department, figured oh well at least I'll find out if I have TB. All they did was ask a bunch of questions and tell me I didn't need the test because I'd not done or been exposed to anything that put me at risk. So I suppose I don't.

Then, there was a whole lot of forms to fill out for a background check. Never had one of those. Maybe I'll find out something I didn't know about myself? … Of course I had Ravishin' Robbie help me with all that paperwork. Even had to get it notarized. This morning on my way to Heartland I must stop at the Sheriff's office and get fingerprinted, too. I've never been fingerprinted either. What if I find out I'm not who I think I am? Do you suppose they'll tell me?

It'll be great to see the horses I've been working with all these months in action too. There are really sweet horses there and they all pull double duty. Therapeutic riding horses duty and regular lesson horse duty. Most are rescue horses, too. Heartland Horse Heroes at Sprouse's Corner Farm is a loving place and LaRue Dowd, the owner has a sweet way with horses and children.

This is a really big deal for the children and parents so whatever it takes on my part, tests, fingerprints and all the rest, heck it's nothing to what these kids deal with every day. And I'm honored to be able to be a small part of it.

You all have a perfect day, and God Bless! ~ Dutch


  1. Process sounds really involved -- like applying for a government job -- but it's really good to see they are protective of the children!! I know you'll pass with flying colors!!!!!

  2. I know they are ecstatic to have you coming to heir facility! It doesn't any better than that.........horses, helping children, and that warm feeling you get in your heart as you watch the miracle of healing evolve. Safe travels my friend.

  3. well Im now on...... Very Cool Dutch!!!!

    1. Thank you, Heather!! Welcome to the Coffee Clutch! We need your happy thoughts here!