Friday, September 25, 2015

“The View From Coffee Clutch.”

Howdy Friends! 

“The View From Coffee Clutch.” Often I write of the goings on during my favorite time of day, our Coffee Clutch, and now that I have this new-fangled phone that’ll capture the moments like tin-types of old ... from time to time I’ll share a few sights. Thought I’d start with the view looking out from my chair settled next to Kessy, Saturday and Sadie lying by my side. The kitties have begun to rejoin us for Coffee Clutch, but they keep a safe distance, still wary of newcomer Sadie—This morning they huddled behind me in the hay mow which adjoins Kessy’s bedroom watching Sadie with not-yet-trusting eyes ... You’ll notice under the trees the bird feeding station where cardinals, chickadees, titmice and a host of other feathered friends drop in for a visit many mornings. It is also the station I scatter a bit of cracked corn for the chickens. There, above the trees, is where I gaze as I thank God each morning for a beautiful day. Sending you wishes for a most beautiful day! 

~ Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

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