Monday, July 13, 2015

"Your Idea is a Good One! —Motivational Monday"

Howdy Friends,
Often we have good, or great ideas, thoughts, plans and positions and find ourselves doubting them. Others tell us we are wrong, too complicated, too risky, perhaps controversial. Then self doubt creeps in. Next uncertainty, sometimes leading to defeatism.
Me admiring President Monroe's grand oak, and the man, on Independence Day
Have you ever seen an acorn sprout? Tiny little white, fragile stem pushing its way from the acorn shell. It’ll have a dainty green leaf on top. That tiny sprout will one day be a majestic towering oak. It will of course take years, perhaps centuries, but without out an ounce of self doubt it will reach for the sky. Every day.

This Independence Day, Robbie and I toured President Monroe’s home The Highlands, in the front yard stood a grand white oak estimated to be over 300 hundred years old. Some speculate James Monroe chose the exact location for his house because of that tree, which of course would have been nearing the century mark at that time. Think of that tree, and that man—neither wavered from their ideas and convictions. Admire their accomplishments.

Second guessing ourselves is of course a part of human nature, and sometimes it can prevent mistakes. Second guessing though can also chip away at confidence, drive ... and success.
It is wholly correct to permit, and use, caution as a tool to refine and enhance a thought, idea or strategy, but it must also be managed in a way that it becomes an asset, not a hindrance.

Your idea was a good one, there is a reason it came to you. Stick to it and become a mighty oak!

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry

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