Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivational Monday—“What is Fear?”

Howdy Friends,

Fear, a word and emotion that controls. An emotion that stops action, thought, ideas and incentive. Did you know fear is also nature’s most powerful motivator?

In sales people are drilled in the art of using fear as a motivator for prospective buyers. We’ve all seen the ads that scream, “Sale ends today!” or “Only while supply lasts!” Perhaps you’ve even experienced a big fear motivator in the real estate business or car sales business, “You’d better make your mind up quickly, two other folks are looking at this car or house.”

It's a fact the “risk of loss,” is a greater motivator than the, “possibility to gain.” That’s why it works so well in sales. Think of this, “Sale ends today!” compared to, “When you finally decide I just know you’ll love this car.”

Yes fear is a word, an emotion sometimes even a motivator ... But it can be a de-motivator. Even an opportunity slayer. And a powerful one. Have you ever allowed fear to rob you of an opportunity? Has fear (that silly 4 letter word) prevented you from asking for a raise, a better position, a better price on a house, car or something else important to you?
Fear can paralyze. It can stop all forward progress, in a deal, a plan, a career choice even life altering decisions can be stopped, altered or forgone because of fear.

Fear has a life of its own ... But it does not need to manage yours ... Do you know that 80% or more of the things we fear never transpire? So imagine now a time when fear stopped you, changed your course, and something you truly wanted to do, or achieve, you simply did not do because fear held you hostage. Think about that 80% rule. Were the fearful thoughts that caused you to stop, things that never would have/could have happened, and success could have been yours.

Fear is a natural instinct, like doubt and negativity. Good thing, I suppose, or we never could have made it beyond our cave-man days. It was probably good that Mr. cave-man was “fearful” of dashing into any old dark cave until he practiced due diligence and made sure no cave-man eating monsters made that cave their domicile. Fear kept him from becoming extinct.

So did negativity keep the cave-man happy and thriving. No doubt! Just like all your friends when you share a good idea and they all lampoon it with “negativity,” which is a gut-first thoughtless instinct. Negativity kept the cave-man safe from those cave-man eating monsters—so we can be here today pushing back the strangle hold of fear and negativity. He needed it more than we do, I think.

What is fear? It is an important, but controllable, left over basic instinct. It’s a good thing to have fear ride your thoughts, ides, dreams and goals with you. But it is for YOU to manage. NOT for it to manage you. We are no longer cave-men, most of us anyway, although sometimes we have to wonder but that’s a story for another time. We no longer need fear to keep us safe from cave-men eating monsters ... We have intellect with which to balance, and reason with fear.

Fear is undoubtedly an ingredient in every decision we make, and it should be. But it should never be given the power to take over, or stop, the thought process. Simply thank fear for its input and consideration, then allow reason to polish your thoughts, remember the 80% rule—Is it truly something to concern me or am I being afraid of my own imagination?

Fear is with us to help us, not stop us. Make fear a small part of your team, not the team leader.

Relegate fear to a bit-part in your life’s play, the tiny seldom seen character with little or no credence to do real damage. Consider it, question it and move ahead. Move ahead to your success in whatever your endeavor.

What is fear? A little bit of seasoning in life’s journey ... not the tour guide. You are!

Gitty Up, Dutch Henry


  1. Good one you need to do one on discouragement, it follows on the heels of fear. :)

    1. HBL, yes, discouragement (fueled by others) causes many to hesitate and self doubt ... Even the "fear" that others will discourage can stop folks before they try ... Good point. I will write about this, thanks! ~ Gitty Up, Dutch