Friday, April 17, 2015

"It’s for the Horses" Update

Howdy Friends!
“In this book, It’s for the Horses, Dutch covers what we can do to become better guardians for our equines by understanding their needs, truly encompassing mind, body and soul. I think that if horses could write, they would have compiled a book like this!

It’s for the Horses is a passionate, highly useful resource for all people who want to do right by the equines in their life. This book belongs in every horse person’s library, but best kept within close reach as it is a book to be referred back to often.”
Thank you, Dutch! ~ Lisa Ross-Williams, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, Natural Horse Magazine

We’ve been reviewing the paperback proof of “It’s for the Horses, An advocate’s musings about their needs, spirit, gifts and care,” and boy howdy it looks great. Our team, Troy, Bobbie Jo, Ravishin’ Robbie and Oz have done a wonderful job! We are on schedule to launch in the first half of May, I’ll keep you posted!

Gitty Up ~ Dutch Henry

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