Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's For The Horses

Howdy Friends! 

Editing, assembling, and cover design for my next book, “It’s For The Horses— Musings about horses, their needs, spirit, gifts and care from a horse advocate” are beginning. Troy Palmer, cover design magic person, just sent me a note asking for a back cover summary.
I sent her this... “This is not a book about riding, or training horses. This is a book on my thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how folks might find the joy in doing things for the horse, with the horses’ point of view as the leading guide. It is my hope to help as many people as possible learn to hear the horse, feel their spirit, and in that way help horses everywhere. Over the years I’ve met, and worked with horses who taught me about their feelings, their joys, their sadness, and their spirit. I’m a horse advocate. Having had the honor and privilege of working for a number of years rehabilitating TWHs, with my mentor Diane Sept, a Senior Certified Connected Riding® Instructor, I learned from her, and the horses, many things. Everything I do is from the horse’s perspective, including this little book. Every story, idea, suggestion and thought on these pages will be to suggest and share thoughts and ideas on how to maximize a relationship between horse and human – from the horse’s point of view.”

Now Bobbie Jo will need to work her editing magic yet, but it’s close. “It’s For The Horses” will be released in May.

Gitty Up, Dutch

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