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"Dr. Falconer, DVM, Certified Veterinary Homeopath – Vaccinations, Natural Diets and More"

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Falconer, DVM, Certified Veterinary Homeopath for my column "Holistic Hall Of Fame" in "Natural Horse Magazine." What a dynamic, knowledgeable and caring man he is. For 22 years he's been providing a truly 100% homeopathic services for his clients. He has a large internet business as well and blog where he shares easy to understand, and implement, natural care, diets and health care for our animals. He also conducts phone consultations. On his website you will find recommended diets, thoughts and practices for your animals proven to promote top health and vibrancy. You can read my story in the upcoming April/May/June issue, but I had to chat about him here on the Coffee Clutch.
Dr. Falconer teaching a class
Practicing as a veterinarian for seven years in the 1980's had proved both rewarding and satisfying. He had even become a partner in the large and small animal practice. He loved helping, but he realized there had to be a different way to practice. He yearned for answers to the cause and effect of the illnesses he saw in his four footed patients. His search led him to Dr. Richard Pitcairn and his Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy. Dr. Falconer was part of the very first course ever organized.

Dr. Falconer promotes healthy, natural care giving and diets for our pets and horses. "We need to look to their natural way, evolution and lifestyles and do our best to provide that. For our horses that means no stalls and forage diets. For our cats and dogs it means raw, not canned, bagged and processed feeds full of unnatural chemicals, toxins and worse." To those who say we've changed the makeup of our domesticated animals by breeding Dr. Falconer has this advice. "We have bred for appearance, not digestive changes. Our pets and horses have the same nutritional needs and digestive requirements that have, for thousands of years, evolved to serve them perfectly. It is folly to believe we are doing them justice by changing what they must eat for our own convenience." Friends you can read much more on this on his website. and his Facebook Page.

I do need to share a bit of our conversation on vaccinations. I have long been in the camp that believes we over vaccinate our children, our pets and especially our horses. For those folks who insist that repeated vaccinations are a must because the veterinarians say so – and homeopaths, and holistic vets and people who worry about it are just spouting theory without proof, Dr. Falconer, DVM looks at and shares the "proof."

For decades now Dr. Falconer has worked with veterinarian immunologists, those who do the research and have no axe to grind and no financial gain or interest. "Most vaccinations for horses are for viruses, and veterinarian immunologists have proven scientifically that once vaccinated for a virus resulting immunity lasts a lifetime." Dr. Falconer explained that repeated vaccinations not only confuse but often cause the immune system to turn on itself, and even attacking healthy red blood cells. "The horse is the most over vaccinated animal, even more than dogs and cats, and repeated vaccinations does more damage than any other management practice."

Over vaccination causes a plethora of ill effects that people fail to connect from allergies, to skin conditions, thrush and even temperament. These are long lasting effects that take their toll. "If people would just have one awakening in their journey to have a vital animal, I wish it could be that they would understand we now know, all vaccinations for viruses last a very long time, perhaps a lifetime, and repeated vaccinations to an already immune horse adds nothing, but it does compound the ill effects."

In his twenty-two years as a full time practicing homeopathic veterinarian the one treatment he sees that does the most harm, causes the most trouble is vaccines. "People simply do not relate or understand the harm that repeated vaccination does to the system. If there were one thing I could wave a magic wand and fix, it would be the attitude toward vaccinations." Dr. Falconer explained that repeated vaccinations impair and confuse the immune system.

Dr. Falconer's homeopathic practice and website, is devoted to teaching people to feed naturally, and get out of vaccines and poisons, such as flea, tick and fly control, so they do not need to call on him as a doctor and they can keep their animals healthy. He has done much to change for the better many lives and I hope you'll visit his website.

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  1. When I kept my horse at a large barn in Cali (120 horses), they required us to be up to date on all the vaccinations. Our Vet Dr. P, would do vaccination clinics every three months so we could be in compliance with those requirements. My old Arab mare, in her late 20's, seemed to handle the vaccines OK, but I always worried if it was too much for her immune system. There were lots of horses who evented and showed at other barns, so lots of reasons to vaccinate. Now, my mare lives in our backyard with a goat and cows over the fence in the BLM pasture. We vaccinate every three years, only because of the mosquitos. Thanks for the education. Hope others will heed the warning

    1. Bev, Yes it is so sad how over vaccinated horses are. And we have known for years, proven by veterinarian immunologists that immunity last a very long time, probably a lifetime & repeated vacs only serve to confuse the immune system ...